Georgia Counties To Trump: PAY UP, A-HOLE.
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Hey Donald Trump! DeKalb and Cobb counties -- you know, Georgia, that place where all the trouble's comin' from -- want their damn money back. Their attorneys' fees, specifically.

The pair of Atlanta-area counties filed motions this week in Trump v. Raffensperger, the Georgia suit Trump and the GOP filed to try to overturn the results in Georgia because "v0tEr fRaUd!"

As Cobb County puts it,

The Trump campaign and other parties filed dozens and dozens of lawsuits challenging the Presidential Election results around the country, including at least seven cases challenging Georgia's election results or its recount process. In virtually every case the claims were found to be procedurally deficient, factually unsupported, or both.

Cobb County also reminds us that it wasn't exactly out of some newfound ethics that Trump finally pulled the suit, but seemingly just for PR, after his attempted insurrection failed.

Despite failing over and over, it was not until January 7, 2021 — one day after the shocking and disgraceful attack on our United States Capitol — that the Petitioners acted to dismiss their spurious and unfounded election contest.

Like Georgia GOP Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said when they finally dropped the lawsuit, "Rather than presenting their evidence and witnesses to a court and to cross-examination under oath, the Trump campaign wisely decided the smartest course was to dismiss their frivolous cases."

Losing Georgia was particularly painful for Trump, who didn't just file suit there, but also tried to coerce Raffensperger into pulling a common Richard Daley and just fixing the election for him, because "c'mon, I thought we were pals!" Or, to use Trump's exact words, "All I want to do is this. I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have. Because we won the state." (Fulton County DA Fani Willis is now pursuing a criminal investigation into Trump's Georgia ratfucking. So attorney's fees aren't exactly his only problem in the Peach State.)

Joe Biden won Cobb County with 56.35 percent of the vote and DeKalb County with 83.12 percent of the vote. But Trump just couldn't believe how much everybody hates him, so he filed this bogus suit, which to quote Dekalb County, "repeats unsubstantiated and frivolous claims of violations of state laws and regulations related to voter registration, absentee ballot processing, signature matching, and improper limits on the public and election monitors during the tabulation of votes and the recount."

"[T]he litigation was brought for the purpose of harassment," argue the counties, and the members of Team Trump "continued to move forward with their unfounded claims even after this contest was mooted as a matter of law," because they "apparently believed that they could file their baseless and legally deficient actions with impunity, with no regard for the costs extracted from the taxpayers' coffers or the consequences to the democratic foundations of our country[.]" Cobb County is asking for $10,875, and DeKalb County wants $6,105 to recoup the costs it incurred defending the ridiculous claims.

We hope they get it. Though they may have some others to compete with, since Georgia is not the only place Trump and his buddies are facing potential consequences for trying to steal a presidential election in plain sight, and spewing ALL THE LIES in the process. Dominion Voting Systems is suing the fuck out of everyone who claimed they and dead Hugo Chavez stole the election, from Sidney Powell to Rudy to the MyPillow asshat, for billions of dollars. We hope Trump is next. Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson is suing Trump for violating the KKK Act. And Trump filed a whole bunch of other lawsuits that were just as batshit insane as this one (e.g., the suits SCOTUS denied cert in this week), and state and local governments should try to get their money back in those cases, too.

There also might finally be some consequences on their way for Trump fuckery unrelated to the attempted coup. The Trump v. Mazars fight spurred by Manhattan DA Cy Vance is finally over and Vance is in possession of Trump's tax records. That must have been a major blow to the orange monster, who fought as hard as he could for the last five years to prevent their disclosure.

Donald Trump has spent his entire life fucking around. Now maybe he can finally start finding out.

[Cobb Motion / DeKalb Motion]

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