Trump Gonna LOCK HER UP! Mentally Ill Folks Now, So That's Hitler-y

There was a Stupid Hitler rally last night. It was ... in whatever place it was. New Hampshire? Sure. It featured some of Trump's greatest hits, and don't worry, we'll show you a couple of them, but we want you to be aware of a new thing Trump is calling for in the wake of our most recent gun massacres, a new delusion the incompetent motherfucker has latched on to, based on the lie that guns don't kill people, "mental health" kills people. (No, he's not sending mentally ill people to Greenland after he "buys" it. At least, that's not part of the plan he's vomited out yet.)

Right at the outset, we should note that none of the Republican so-called "mental health" advocates who all of a sudden appear whenever recently murdered bodies start to pile up actually advocate doing anything to improve mental health treatment in America, and none of them can specify exactly which medical condition it is that causes white men to pull out their easily available arsenals and start murdering whomever it is that they hate. Why? Because there isn't one. Hate is actually not a mental illness. We should also note that people with actual mental health issues commit violent crimes at lower rates than the rest of the general population, and that they're more likely to be victims of violent crime.

In short, the only reason we hear about "mental health" from right-wingers after mass shootings is because fucking Republicans don't want to talk about guns. That's it.

But no matter, Donald Trump wants to LOCK THEM UP! (The people with mental health issues, not the guns.) He brought this up at the rally, and also before that when he was screaming at reporters on the lawn over the roar of the helicopter, like he always does:

I do want people to remember the words "mental illness." [...] Nobody talks about that, but these are mentally ill people. And people have to start thinking about it. I think we have to start building institutions again, because, you know, if you look at the '60s and '70s, so many of these institutions were closed, and the people were just allowed to go on to the streets.

And so forth.

And then at the rally:

It's not the gun that pulls the trigger, it's the person holding the gun! Years ago, many cities and states [...] closed mental institutions for budgetary reasons. They let those people out onto the street. [...] They let really seriously mentally ill people out on the streets. And you see plenty of them today, even today. We're going to have to give major consideration to building new facilities for those in need. We have to do it. And at the same time, we will be taking mentally deranged and dangerous people off of the streets, so we won't have to worry so much about that.

Doesn't that sound comforting and completely full of shit? That somehow, in his leaking brain, the people who commit mass shootings are the same people we (Ronald Reagan) "let out on the streets" back in the 1960s and '70s, and if only we just LOCK THEM UP in concentration camps or gulags or whatever President Go Fuck Yourself is envisioning, then all the white Trump supporters won't have to shit their pants in fear so much, and they SURE won't have to give up their precious penis replacement guns?

Hey, pop quiz, because we should keep track: How far into Niemöller's poem are we at this point? Because first he decided to start ripping Central American families apart and putting their babies in cages and "losing" their children. And now he wants to lock up mentally ill people. Just like Hitler did! Who's next?

Elsewhere during the rally, there were some protesters, and somehow amidst the fracas one of his own supporters shook his fist, and Trump made fun of the guy for having a belly full of jelly. That's right, Trump fat-shamed one of his own supporters. He said, "that guy's got a real weight problem," and told him to go home and get some exercise, we guess because he thought the big guy was one of the protesters, and because Trump apparently isn't aware that he's not the most svelte president we've had in the last 243 years.

Not long after that, Trump described his relationship with his paste-eating supporters as "a movement of love." Really.

Trump told his usual vile lie about Democrats supporting babies being "executed" after they are born. It's become a fixture of his speeches, the fact that he tells the vile lie is nothing short of evil, and he's probably going to get (more) innocent people murdered, but hey, it makes his pigs squeal.

Earlier in the day, Trump lied and said he only lost New Hampshire because "thousands" of people came in to vote "from places unknown" (he says he knows where they came from), but that it'll be different this time. During the rally, he lied and said he "should've won New Hampshire," but that it was "taken away." Totally normal.

Oh, and if you've been enjoying the "sir" genre of lie-stories from the president, he told one about Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel. (If you aren't familiar, whenever Trump tells a story where people call him "sir" or are overly respectful to him, it's almost always a flat-out lie he's made up in his head to make himself feel important.)

Here's another obvious lie-story from Trump, about an imaginary businessman who hates Trump, but tells Trump he's supporting him now, because of how Trump is so brilliant and wonderful. We're pretty sure we've heard this story in his rallies approximately 950 times, but he tells it each time like it's brand new.

Oh, and here's Trump saying that you, like that imaginary businessmen, also have to vote for him whether you like him or not, because of what will happen to your 401K if you don't. Apparently the dipshit hasn't seen what's happening to everyone's 401K's RIGHT NOW, and moreover doesn't realize that the recession he caused with his dumbfuck policies is about to begin in earnest.

Finally, listen to the crowd in this video roar and scream everything but "Sieg heil!" and try to tell us those people wouldn't commit any atrocity their shitmouthed king told them to.

We hope you've got a plan to do everything you possibly can to make sure we kick these people's asses in a historic way come next November's election.

We have literally no other choice.

[most videos via Aaron Rupar]

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