Trump Goons Bray For Wray's Head After FBI Director Fails To Take Out Joe Biden

The FBI Director Doomsday Clock starts ... now.

The Washington Postreports that Trump and his advisors are plotting to "86" Chris Wray after the election for failing to do us a favor though and gin up a bogus investigation into Joe Biden before the election. At the very least, the guy could have made a Comey-style announcement about suspicious evidence and bad behavior!

And also, watch your back, Bill Barr, because you're the guy they're coming for next if US Attorney John Durham doesn't cough up something before November 3.

Longtime fans of this soap opera will remember that FBI Director James Comey was supposedly fired for inappropriately commenting on an investigation where there would be no charges, i.e., being too mean about Hillary Clinton. Well, that was the official story, before Trump sat down with Lester Holt and confessed to firing the FBI director in an attempt to murder the Russia investigation.

If these assholes hadn't given Lady Irony the electric chair years ago, we'd probably invoke her name at the prospect of Comey's replacement being fired for failing to do a Comey. But, alas!

"It's never been my practice to speak publicly as a prosecutor or as a department official about uncharged individuals," Wray promised the Senate during confirmation hearing. "I think those policies are important. I think they're in place for a reason and I would expect to comply with them."

And that's a promise he's largely kept, much to the consternation of White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Comms Dingus Dan Scavino, who are the loudest voices in favor of Wray getting the ax, according to the Post. What exactly would qualify Meadows and Scavs to opine on national security or law enforcement is unclear. But their slavish loyalty to blasting through democracy's guardrails could fill that blank book of Trump's accomplishments they dropped on Lesley Stahl. So ... par for the course.

In addition to Wray's woeful failure to slime Joe Biden, Trump is GRRRR ARRGGHH mad that Wray, who was confirmed in August 2017 to a 10-year term, won't say Antifa is the real KKK and Ukraine is the real Russia. Worse still, this week Wray refused to come out and endorse Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe's (likely premature) assurance that the "Hunter Biden" laptop is not part of a Russian influence operation.

And while we're on the subject of Trumpland bullshit that the FBI director won't play along with, we can't help but notice that Wray failed to repeat Ratcliffe's assertion last night that the Iranian election meddling operation in Florida was aimed at hurting Trump. (How does threatening to kill voters who don't vote for Trump hurt Trump?)

"You should be confident that your vote counts," Wray intoned soberly. "Early unverified claims to the contrary should be viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism. We encourage everyone to seek election and voting information from reliable sources, namely your state election officials, and to be thoughtful, careful, and discerning consumers of information online."

That's hardly a ringing endorsement of Bill Barr's constant yammering about massive ballot fraud, which seems to be a prerequisite for survival in the Trump administration.

While the US Attorneys are pissing all over their own shoes in an attempt to prove there's a concerted effort to steal the election from the Dear Leader, the FBI appears to be taking a systematic approach to rooting out misinformation and foreign election interference. (Thanks for tipping off the White House, WaPo! You know those filthy fuckers are going to slam the brakes on all that good election protection shit pronto.)

The Post fails to say whether Trump intends to fire Wray after the election even if he loses. That is, is the goal to get someone else in place for a second Trump term, or is this about revenge?

Politiconotes that Wray has allies on both sides of the aisle on Capitol Hill, and firing him would be politically costly. But if Trump loses, then that probably won't be a factor in his decision making. We assume he'll either fuck off to Florida, or stay in DC to wreak maximal havoc and destruction, shouting "You're Fired, Criminal!" at the entire executive branch. And, hey-o, looks like he's prepping to do exactly that.

Here's an executive order signed by the president yesterday purporting to do away with civil service protections for thousands of government employees.



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