Trump GOP Can't Stop Throwing Money At Kayleigh McEnany's Stupid Lying Face

The face of the Trump Propaganda Machine and also the RNC, LOL SAME THING

We were just telling you this morning, mere HOURS ago, that Kayleigh McEnany, the Trump idiot CNN used to pay for saying Professional Trump Idiot Mouth Words on the television, was taking her wasted Harvard law degree and moving into even darker #FakeNews horizons, making Third World-style Dear Leader "Real News" videos about our blessed orange president Donald Pussgrabbingtonshire Trump, for Trump's Facebook page. Yes, McEnany (who still needs to go fuck herself, by the way) clearly decided it's no fun to sit there and collect a wingnut welfare check for rolling her eyes and pretending to be stupid on Jeff Zucker's CNN. That's on the outside, bro. Kayleigh McEnany wants to be on the inside.

So, KA-CHING! Makin' propaganda videos for the Trump Facebook page and gettin' paid by the Trump campaign to do videos for Lara Trump's funtimes video doohickey thing!

And now, KA-CHING AGAIN! The Republican National Committee has just announced it has completely abandoned all pretense of having NOT completely surrendered to the whims of Donald Trump, by hiring McEnany -- who, again, is nothing more than a Trump idiot, as opposed to a traditional Republican in any sense of the word -- to be its new spokesperson. SO MANY KA-CHINGS! Kayleigh McEnany's soul might be a dark empty abyss of nothingness, but her bank account is FULL OF KA-CHING! At this rate, she's going be able to buy granite countertops for her Miata!

Here, have an RNC press release:

That's right, y'all. She is the OFFICIAL VOICE of the Republican party, and we guess she'll keep doing state-run TV for Trump's Facebook too, because it's all the same now. According to an RNC spokesman quoted by the Daily Beast, the RNC isn't involved in the state-run Pravda videos, but they think they're just great. And maybe after a couple years of this, and after Trump cancels the 2018 midterms and declares himself dictator for life, McEnany will get another promotion, and we'll be required by law to spend all our days and nights absorbing the grating sounds of Ms. McEnany telling us the latest regime-approved news of U.S. America Like Such As, on the special screens the government mandates us to install in our houses and keep on at all times.

By then, Kayleigh McEnany will have received enough KA-CHINGS from the Trump regime to buy TWO Miatas with granite countertops, and she can put marble columns in them too, if she likes!

Now, we don't know if this will end up being weird for Ms. McEnany, especially in the face of reports that a metric fuckload of Republicans seem to be thinking about primarying Donald Trump in 2020. What if the rumors are true and Mike Pence runs? Will McEnany have to choose between the RNC and Trump during a contested primary, or will she draw on the education her parents clearly overpaid for and find a way to do both? We just don't know!

All we know is we are tired of her goddamned face.

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Evan Hurst

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