Trump's Killing Fantasies Escalating To Group Executions And Guillotines If He's President Again

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One feature/bug of Donald Trump's failed presidency was that he constantly dreamed of being a dictator. He still does. He doesn't have the inner strength to be the leader of a democratic nation. He has to lean on his strongman tendencies, because he doesn't understand that the embedded joke in "strongman" is that those kinds of leaders aren't strong men at all. Trump has always praised leaders like Vladimir Putin as "strong," because weak people tend to have a warped perception of what true strength looks like. It's why he always had such a sad little hard-on for a military parade in his own honor.

And of course, Trump has always wanted to project this fake strength by executing drug dealers. He constantly babbled about how former Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte did it, about how he thinks President Xi Jinping does it in China. (Trump LOVES China when it serves his purposes, you'll notice.)

Rolling Stone reports that Trump has been edging himself into a frenzy about executions again as he dreams of what he might do if he gets to steal the presidency again. He's been asking everybody, "What do you think of firing squads?"

He wants there to be so many more federal executions, even more people than he managed to kill in the last six months of his presidency. And he's just getting really creative about how to get that done.

Specifically, Trump has talked about bringing back death by firing squad, by hanging, and, according to two of the sources, possibly even by guillotine. He has also, sources say, discussed group executions. Trump has floated these ideas while discussing planned campaign rhetoric and policy desires, as well as his disdain for President Biden’s approach to crime.

Group executions. The man who gleefully accepted assistance from a foreign enemy to "win" his first election, who tried to blackmail an ally into helping him steal his second, and who incited a terrorist attack against the United States to try to overthrow the government when he lost, he is interested in "group executions."

Cool. Would be neat to find out we have a functioning criminal justice system to do something about this, cough cough Special Counsel Jack Smith.

Trump reportedly wants to make cool videos to promote to the American people all the ways he's going to kill people. (Maybe he could make believe he is a physically fit Superman again!)

In at least one instance late last year, according to the third source, who has direct knowledge of the matter, Trump privately mused about the possibility of creating a flashy, government-backed video-ad campaign that would accompany a federal revival of these execution methods. In Trump’s vision, these videos would include footage from these new executions, if not from the exact moments of death. “The [former] president believes this would help put the fear of God into violent criminals,” this source says.

The opinion page of The Hill might believe otherwise (LOL), but the death penalty isnot a deterrent, and people who cling to the idea that it is are doing so for pretty clearly fearful psychological reasons. We'd reckon that's what's motivating Trump here.

“He wanted to do some of these [things] when he was in office, but for whatever reasons didn’t have the chance.”

Too busy tweeting and throwing ketchup at the wall?

The Trump campaign denies the thing about a video campaign — LOL sure — but totally confirms the part about Trump's maniacal desire to kill drug dealers. Rolling Stone has quotes from a former Trump official about how much he wishes our system was "eye for an eye" and "you just got to kill these people." And this:

“He had a particular affinity for the firing squad, because it seemed more dramatic, rather than how we do it, putting a syringe in people and putting them to sleep,” the former White House official adds. “He was big on the idea of executing large numbers of drug dealers and drug lords because he’d say, ‘These people don’t care about anything,’ and that they run their drug empire and their deals from prison anyways, and then they get back out on the street, get all their money again, and keep committing crimes … and therefore, they need to be eradicated, not jailed.”

And then there was this thing Trump said at a rally back in October:

At an October rally — to cheers and applause from his audience — Trump pitched a form of supposed justice that has been embraced by some brutal dictatorships. “And if [the drug dealer is] guilty, they get executed, and they send the bullet to the family and they want the family to pay for the cost of the bullet,” Trump said at the rally. “If you want to stop the drug epidemic in this country, you better do that … [even if] it doesn’t sound nice.”

His fantasies are really graphic, aren't they? Either he just watches too much TV or that little brain of his is very sick indeed. Or both of those things, it could be both.

Of course, Rolling Stone notes that the video campaign idea is also very on-brand for Trump:

Trump’s enthusiasm for grisly video campaigns has been documented before, including in an anecdote from a former aide that had the then-president demanding footage of “people dying in a ditch” and “bodies stacked on top of bodies” so that his administration could “scare kids so much that they will never touch a single drug in their entire life.”

Rolling Stone had an in-depth report a few weeks ago on "Trump's killing spree," that last six months of his presidency when he carried out 13 federal executions, after there had been only three before that going all the way back to 1963. They interviewed former attorney general Bill Barr, whom they call the "ideological architect of Trump's execution binge," and asked if Trump won if he would have kept killing. "Yes — that was the expectation,” said Barr.

He needs to be living under Guantanamo before the 2024 election so we can make extra certain that never happens.

[Rolling Stone]

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