Trump Guy Has This One Weird Trick To Ratf*ck All The Republican Delegates

Though Donald Trump is the current frontrunner in the race to lose the presidency to Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, or a stale piece of toast that isn't Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, he still only has 744 delegates out of the 1,237 he needs to become the nominee without causing a contested convention. If there is a contested convention, he will probably lose the nomination since everyone other than his supporters is literally terrified by the idea of a Trump presidency.

But Trump supporter Gary Forbes has a PLAN. A totally good plan that will definitely work, and ensure that Trump gets the nomination. He wants a bunch of people to help him prevent the delegates from Wyoming and Colorado from voting in the convention, through means he says are totally legal. Like causing traffic jams and cancelling their flight and hotel reservations. Totally legal things like that!

Wanted: Teams to Stop Colorado/Wyoming Delegates from Attending Cleveland Convention in July!

We are urging groups in both states to organize and mobilize against this complete, blatant corruption, by making a stand. The delegates chosen in these states without any elections, MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE. Folks, it is too late to try to correct the processes that these sleazy politicians are using against us. We must find our own ways. Here is what we suggest...

Step #1. Create a database of all delegates in both states including name, address, tel #, and photo. To stop them, we need to know who they are. BTW, all the delegates in these states to our knowledge are committed to Cruz (without any input from WTP).

Step #2. Build a team of aggressive pro-Trump groups including bikers, truckers, unions, support groups, etc. and DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE MAKE IT TO CLEVELAND IN JULY. Be creative. Find any legal means to see to it that they don't even make it to the airport. Block streets with traffic jams. Find out their flights and hotels and figure out ways to cancel their tickets and reservations.

If you do not want this election to be stolen from us, you and your teams must take extremely aggressive actions. Please leave prevention ideas below as comments.

Yes! These are all definitely things you can totally do without getting into trouble. And you can definitely just call up an airport and say you are a person you are not and cancel their flight, without any identifying information whatsoever! Also if they find out their flight has been canceled, there is nothing they can do about it, and the airline definitely won't profusely apologize and restore their flight.

Forbes is also weirdly obsessed with bikers, and would like to invite a bunch of them to go harass party leaders and delegates at their homes to hand deliver his letters...

We are looking for patriot bikers who are fed up with the unfair practices of the Republican party. You, and a sizable group of bikers will be responsible for visiting the homes of party leaders who have defied the will of the people, and the homes of delegates who have not been authorized by the people to vote in the upcoming GOP convention, to hand-deliver letters to all of these leaders and delegates.

If you are outraged by what is happening in both of these states (the GOP denying the people the right to vote), write us now and say "I'm a biker and I want to help stop the corruption by the GOP!"

And then to get groups of 500 or more people to camp out at their houses until they obey the will of Gary Forbes the person.

After your group is certain that each delegate has received your letter, organize a protest of no less than 500 demonstrators to camp out in front of the homes of the at-risk delegates, and those on your GOP leaders list. The protests should be scheduled for the entire four-day period of the Cleveland convention.

Be sure to reach out to all large pro-Trump groups including bikers for Trump, truckers, local working class unions, etc. to show the anger and might of the American people. We want each at-risk delegate, while in Cleveland, to receive urgent phone calls from their families and neighbors, that there is a massive demonstration happening in their front yard, with protesters waving signs that are warning that they not betray us. Keep the demonstrations peaceful, as long as that delegate does not switch his/her vote. This will make them think twice about defying the will of We The People.

Yes, this not at all psychotic plan to Altamont the Republican convention is certainly bulletproof, and will surely go off without a hitch.

Forbes claims on his website that he is a "Conservative Strategist" -- although it does not appear that this is a thing he is actually paid to do by anybody. Mostly it seems like he runs a blog and makes up a bunch of "slides" about how great Donald Trump is, and calls it "Trump Magazine." Luckily, the name is available for use, given that the actual Trump Magazine went under in 2009 after three years of publishing important stories about what yachts to buy and other things of importance to "WTP."

Though it's hard to find any evidence of this "strategist" work, there is work of another kind. Because Gary Forbes is not a real Forbes, but is in fact a real medigan named Gary Pasquariello. Also he is a "New Age Pianist," who performs the kind of jams we so often hear whilst patiently waiting to argue with the cable company. Like this one, titled "Dream Chasin'"

You chase your dreams, Gary Pasquariello! Chase them all the way to the closest penitentiary!

[The Forbes Group]

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