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Donald Trump woke up one day, and started yelling at everyone, because he is the most powerful man in the world, and his BEST PEOPLE were FAILING HIM!


It was months after his tax plan was announced, and NOBODY TOLD HIM his tax plan raises taxes on the poor and middle class, while cutting them on the rich, like him! He was just sure that was not the case! But he was

In this particular case, he wasn't upset that taxes for the poorest Americans would go up by two percent. But he was upset that nobody had told him his plan (which originally fit on one page, with VERY LARGE AND VARIED FONTS, which even he should have been able to read to the end) axes the deduction for state and local taxes.

Remember how Republicans are always GRR MAD about "double taxation" when money was taxed once when it was earned, and again when the earner's table-dancing socialite children inherited it? Yeah, they don't consider it so much "double taxation" to pay federal taxes on money you're spending on state taxes. Those taxes are for little people!

Bloomberg has the scoop:

Months after the White House proposed ending a tax break for people in high-tax states, President Donald Trump grew angry when he learned that the change would hurt some middle-income taxpayers, according to two people familiar with his thinking. [They go on to refer specifically to the state and local tax deductions, which they refer to as SALT, like the nuclear arms treaty -- ed.]

Trump’s concerns led him to say this week that “we’ll be adjusting” the tax-overhaul framework, the people said -- but it’s not clear how he and congressional leaders would make up for the revenue that would be lost without ballooning the deficit or torpedoing support for the plan. And Trump’s top economic adviser said Thursday morning that the president is not rethinking his position on repealing the state and local tax deduction.

Just to nitpick like a common Politifact, it is not "a tax break for people in high-tax states," it affects every state with an income tax, though it will fall harder on high-tax, and coincidentally blue, states. Further, according to the bolsheviks at Forbes, Trump's tax plan already doubles the deficit and triples -- to $28 TRILLION by 2027 -- the national debt; hope somebody's mentioned that to him too, since Bloomberg didn't.

Why didn't anyone tell him? Why do his advisers suck so bad? Wonkette has been telling him since September about these state and local deductions, when Gary Cohn went out to lie about them.

Wait no, it's since July, before his tax plan even existed!

Wait, no, again. It was April. We have been telling Donald Trump his tax plan axes the deduction for your state and local taxes since April. Today is October. That is (counts fingers) at least THREE MONTHS.

Wonkette is not afraid to be servicey, explaining Trump's policies to him in little words, many many months before he wakes up surprised to learn about the thing he's been saying forever. Doesn't it almost seem like he has troubles, in his brain?

In other news,


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Rebecca Schoenkopf

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