Trump Hairball Lawyer Cancel-Cultured Out Of Favorite DC Social Club, Unfair!

This post is about the hairball on the right, not the hairball on the left.

Weep for Lord Hairball, husband of Lady Hairball, a partner in the Trump-defending law firm of Wackass, Jackass, Windsock and Hairballs. Forsooth he has been banished from his favorite social club for elites!

That's right, Joe diGenova got kicked out of the Gridiron Club in DC, which is an old fancy schmancy club for journalists and whoever they fuckin'. As the Washington Post explains, diGenova wouldn't have probably been in it, anyway, if it weren't for his dulcet singing voice.

Yep, really:

The Gridiron Club is primarily an organization for Washington journalists, but it is best known for an annual formal dinner that also ropes in political luminaries and a raucous musical-comedy presentation of satirical songs and skits. DiGenova, who served as U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia in the 1980s, had been a "limited" member for more than 25 years, one of a handful of "ringers" recruited for their impressive singing voices.

And here we were assuming they recruited him for his musky sexuality.

Anyway, he got kicked out for the wee sin of calling for a respected public servant, Chris Krebs, the former Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) chief Donald Trump fired for protecting the election too well from foreign attacks and saying so out loud, to be taken out back and murdered with guns.

Oh, what a world!

"We were dismayed by his comments and we felt that they were, on top of everything else, just antithetical to what the club is about," said club president Craig Gilbert, the Washington bureau chief for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "It's a social club — we're all about fellowship and good will."


As the Washington Postreports, earlier this year during the impeachment, the club 86-ed diGenova from performing in any of its hilarious song-tune sketches, not because politics, but because he was just too "in the news." But only until impeachment was over.


Though diGenova says he has "no ill will" toward the Gridiron Club, and literally said, "it's their club, and I'm just a roving minstrel" -- that's right, one of the lawyers working to help steal American democracy for Donald Trump is just a roving minstrel -- he did offer this explanation for what had happened. Surprise, it is CANCEL CULTURE:

"[W]e're at a strange time in American history, and, I guess I was canceled."

Indeed, what has the world come to when you can't get on the radio and say a highly respected public servant should be murdered with guns for refusing to help steal an election for a wannabe dictator who wants to continue being president even though he got the shit beat out of him with votes in the election? One might say it's a "strange time in American history" when a wannabe dictator refuses to accept the results of an election wherein he got the shit beat out of him with votes!


We think we speak for literally everyone when we say fuck off, warbling hairball.

[Washington Post]

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