Trump Half-Right About A Thing!

Donald Trump and Candace Owens NO WAIT COME BACK!

Donald Trump and Candace Owens had an interview so she could bitch about vaccine mandates and he could half-agree with her — "yeah yeah sure mandates bad freedom rick-santorum-wanking-dot-gif" — but then point out that if you get the vaccine "you are protected," because Owens was trying to blame vaccines for increased coronavirus deaths under Joe Biden and he didn't even bite, he was all like nah not the vaccines' fault, I invented them did you know? (For the record, Donald Trump did not "come up with" the vaccines.)

And then Owens foundered around (yes it is foundered not floundered, yay you have learned a thing!) and lit upon "but what about children wearing masks, is that not dangerous and disgusting" and Trump was all oh yeah super dangerous and disgusting I don't know I stopped listening.

Now, there have been three pieces of news this week about coronavirus and Donald Trump. One is that "he fucked off on purpose so bad even Deborah Birx said stuff with her mouth." The second is that he got booed AGAIN by his idiots when he said he got the booster shot. And three is "he was happy Joe Biden mentioned him even though not by name during Joe's latest entreaty to please stop being garbage idiots and get your free safe vaccine" but we didn't cover that second or third one because "Donald Trump happy" is what we call "fuck that."

This has been "for fuck's sake it is 10:20 a.m. eastern and Rebecca hasn't even decided on a story to write." Happy Christmas!

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Rebecca Schoenkopf

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