Hey, remember this fall when all of a sudden the GOP Howler Monkey Brigade kicked those attacks on the FBI up to 11? Remember that weasel Devin Nunes flinging feces and shouting THE DODGY DOSSIER and DEEP STATE even though he was "recused" from the Russia investigation? And instead of whacking that little shit with a rolled up newspaper, law and order Senators like Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson joined in to pretend that civil servants who spent decades serving their country were somehow #RIGGED for Hillary?

Well! In an absolutely amazing coincidence, this all happened right after White House lawyer John Dowd told Commander Spray Tan that top FBI officials Andrew McCabe, James Baker and James Rybicki were potential witnesses against him in Mueller's obstruction of justice inquiry. Because James Comey, sensing shit was about to go sideways when Trump asked him to "just let this go" with literal, actual foreign agent Mike Flynn, looped in his top guys. Weird, huh?

Yesterday, Foreign Policy reported that Trump's takeaway from this conversation was to "fight back harder" against those guys who had the goods on him ALLEGEDLY. And wouldn't you know it, the GOP goon squad was there to answer the call!

Now we're not suggesting that Dowd told Trump to rev up the slime machine -- he's no Tom Hagen. Obviously, Tom Hagen would never have been stupid enough to discuss Corleone family business in public where a New York Times reporter could hear him.

Dowd denied the reports, angrily telling FP,

My advice to the president is confidential ... You don’t know me. You don’t how I lawyer, and you don’t know what I communicated to the president and what I did not.

Calm down, dude! We all know you're telling the truth -- you blabbed your whole legal strategy to Ken Vogel months ago. Although, if President Executive Time called up all his pals on the Obamaphone to say, "My lawyer says McCabe, Rybicki and Baker are gonna be a problem," he probably waived attorney-client privilege anyway.

But more to the point, it sure looks like your very stable genius client set out to destroy the reputations of the guys who could corroborate James Comey's testimony against him. And it looks like the GOP was happy to ruin the lives of career civil servants (not to mention endanger their families from those Pizzagate gun nuts), just to protect the president.

And while these craven assholes will probably get away with it, the president may face a different problem.

Mueller has asked senior members of the administration questions in recent months indicating that prosecutors might consider Trump’s actions also to be an effort to intimidate government officials — in this case FBI officials — from testifying against him.

Just a little witness intimidation. NBD!

Obstruction of justice cases depend largely on whether a prosecutor can demonstrate the intent or motivation of the person he or she charges. [...]

That Trump may have been motivated to attack specific FBI officials because they were potential witnesses against him could demonstrate potential intent that would bolster an obstruction of justice case.

Evidence of intent to obstruct justice? The deuce you say! Normal people are always obstructing justice and intimidating witnesses to kill an investigation that would prove there was NO COLLUSION! NO COLLUSION! YOU'RE THE RUSSIA-LOVING MONEY LAUNDERER WHO COLLUDED WITH A FOREIGN POWER TO STEAL AND ELECTION. Happens all the time.

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[Foreign Policy]

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