Trump Idiots Pretty Sure Beyoncé To Blame For Donald Trump Being So Rapey

Rude Bey, controlling Donald Trump like that.

"When he fuck me good, I take his ass to Red Lobster ..." - Beyoncé

"When I grab her by the pussy, I take her ass to Haverty's, but she still won't fuck me because I'm rapey and gross ..." - Donald Trump, in so many words.

Class, we will now discuss (because Trump-supporting poop goblins are discussing it) how those two quotes basically say the same thing. It is a truism in American politics, going all the way back to the Revolutionary War, that ancient and ageless she-beast Beyoncé is behind most bad things that happen. And she's done it again! You see, all those nasty, rapey things Donald Trump has said about ladies, both the "GRAB THEM BY THE PUSSY" thing, and the millions of other disgustingthingshe has said, can be traced directly back to Queen Bey.

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]Salon points us in the direction of a couple nice examples of Trump supporters playing the rap music card, like Scottie Nell Hughes (you know, the one who sticked her fingers in her ears and cried so much because Ana Navarro wouldn't stop shouting "PUSSY!" at her), who brought up the evils of rap music in relation to Trump's comments. Ben Carson's adviser Armstrong Williams agrees Trump's comments are just like "rap music," but does not say whether Ben Carson has ever been caught on tape grabbing them by the pussy and taking them to the Popeyes Organization so they can watch him stop armed robberies.

As for Trumpers playing the actual Bey card, we have known moron (and Obamacare "death panel" liar) Betsy McCaughey, and also too, some dick from The Daily Caller, Tucker Carlson's internet home for thoughtful, adult discussions about consensual sexual intercourse. Let's look at McCaughey first, on CNN:


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