Putin Friend-Zones Trump

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh sad! And also LOL!

Donald Trump announced gleefully last week that after he and Vladimir Putin had such a GOOD TIME in Helsinki, he would be inviting Putin to the Washington this fall, to continue what they started! The White House made the announcement while Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats was sitting for an interview with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell, and when Coats got the news, he whooped and hollered and laughed out loud in hollow sadness.

But apparently Trump got a little bit ahead of his skis, thinking that just because the Russian president is his KGB handler, that the Russian president actually wants to ... hang out with him.

Sadly, as Reuters reports, Putin is like, "I mean, you're really nice and everything, Donald? But I'm washing my cat? Literally every night between now and the year 2021? It's not you, it's me! OK?"

The Kremlin was reticent on Tuesday about whether it would accept an invitation from U.S. President Donald Trump to hold a summit with Vladimir Putin in Washington later this year, saying only that the two men had other chances to meet as well.

Like maybe they can hang out in a big group, Putin guesses? But just ... don't get the wrong idea, OK?

The Kremlin's failure to swiftly accept Trump's invitation for a Washington summit has been noticeable.

Putin's just been really busy and stuff, and ... you know ...

"There are other options (to meet) which our leaders can look at," [Kremiln aide Yuri] Ushakov told reporters, citing a meeting of G20 leaders in Argentina which starts at the end of November.

"Maybe there will be other international events which Trump and Putin will take part in."

Putin will see you around, Donald, OK?

OK, bear with us here, but can you imagine how sad Trump is right now, without laughing like a common Kitty Forman? Do you know how long Trump has been wanting this?

And now Putin won't even come over to Trump's house. LOLOLOLOL pathetic!

Oh well, guess that's what Trump deserves for being fool enough to think Putin actually LIKES him, instead of understanding the reality of the situation, which is that Putin thinks he's an easily controlled idiot who will help Putin advance Putin's goals in the world, America and Donald "Pee Tape" Trump be damned.


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