Trump Is F*cking Gross, Episode #456,286,057

It's the end of the week and everything is terrible, so how's about we send you into the weekend with some fresh hell from the president?

First of all, remember how at Trump's Stupid Hitler rally last evening, he started making chunks-a-lot jokes about a guy he thought was a protester, but then it turned out he was making chunks-a-lot jokes about ONE OF THIS OWN PEOPLE? That is not how Sparkle Motion is supposed to work! He is not supposed to make fun of his own diabeetus followers! (Pay no attention to the fact that Trump is not the longest, lankiest president in American history himself.)

You'll be glad to know that Trump has called the guy to apologize:

Oh wait, JUST KIDDING, he did not apologize.

Thank you for your support, but the president stands by the fat joke.

Add some color to this reporting, Access McGee:

Oh OK then, that's totally normal. The president of the United States called a guy to say thank you for your support, and to clarify that when he was making fat jokes, he was making fat jokes about somebody else. And that is obviously a lie because WE WOULDN'T BE HAVING THIS FUCKING DISCUSSION IF HE HADN'T MADE FAT JOKES ABOUT ONE OF HIS OWN SUPPORTERS DURING HIS DUMBFUCK NEW HAMPSHIRE BABY HITLER RALLY.

So that is one way Donald Trump is gross today.

Also there is a set of pictures going around Instaface right now, of Donald Trump grossing all over a MAGA bride's wedding, we guess at Bedminster, because Trump is on an extended lazy-ass vacation there right now.

The pictures are ... um ...

Well ...

If there are any children looking over your shoulder right now, you might want to ...

When you're famous they just let you do it.

President of the United States, ladies and gents!



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