Trump Live-Tweets Fox News While COVID-19 Destroys Florida


Sunday, Florida reported at least 15,299 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, the most in a single day from a single state since the pandemic started. Finally, at long last, Florida has distinguished itself. You'd think Florida Man Donald Trump would care, but instead he kicked off the week live-tweeting “Fox & Friends." The president isn't pleased these days with his PR firm, Fox News, because even the most shameless propaganda outlet can struggle to make sunshine and roses out of Trump's dumpster fire presidency.


Yeah, Trump works SO HARD despite clocking Peg Bundy levels of TV viewing each day.

We agree that most Fox News contributors, such as Katie Pavlich, are a disaster, but not because they don't kiss Trump's ass enough. He claims the “Radical Left has scared Fox into submission," to which we ask “how?" This saddens the president, but he's certain they'll “WIN" this imaginary battle against moral decency and broadcast standards.

It's funny because Fox News would freak out whenever Barack Obama suggested the network wasn't entirely on the up-and-up. Trump doesn't hide that Fox is in the tank for him. He expects their unwavering support and regularly tweets his performance reviews.

We rarely defend Fox News around here, but as Matthew Gertz at Media Matters noted, "Fox & Friends" puts a lot of effort into crafting an alternate, coronavirus-light reality for Trump. He could at least send a fruit basket and a nice card.

Trump was delighted that "Fox & Friends" reported this morning that “Republican voter registration is way up, Democrat numbers are down." That's a nice, pleasant lie for Grandpa. He likes those numbers, so he'll trust them more than the polls that show Joe Biden beating the stuffing out of him.

You can tell, though, that Trump understands on some level he's losing big, and he tweeted a desperate plea to Americans: Why would we want Biden as a president when he's obviously senile and doesn't talk good? This will ruin the ratings of America! (It's unclear why Trump, who rambled on for 15 minutes about walking down a ramp, thinks this is a strong line of attack.)

Trump shared a video from his communications director Dan Scavino that selectively edited footage of Biden to make him look silly. That's effective if you just want to be mean, but what's devastating about Sarah Cooper's videos is that she lip syncs Trump's actual, unaltered words. Or as the New York Times put it, she doesn't "mimic" him, she exposes him. Let's compare and contrast, shall we?

How to cognitive

Trump also tweeted Jeanine Pirro's July 11 interview with Nestor's dad Matt Gaetz, who accused the Left of hating America and waging “cultural genocide." No one cares about this shit. (Even Andrew Sullivan admits Republicans can't win the 1968 election in 2020.) Gaetz's Florida district is crawling with coronavirus. That's all he should be talking about and voters will remember that he's not.

Monday afternoon, Florida reported another 12,624 coronavirus cases for a statewide total of 282,435. If there are any Floridians left alive to vote in November, Gaetz should lose his seat and Trump should lose the state.

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