Trump-Loving Neo-Nazi Arrested After Threatening To Mass Murder All Spanish Speakers

Trump-Loving Neo-Nazi Arrested After Threatening To Mass Murder All Spanish Speakers
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This past Friday, federal law enforcement agents in Seattle arrested 35-year-old neo-Nazi Eric Lin for his months-long harassment of a Spanish immigrant woman in Miami. From May until August of this year, Lin sent the victim, identified only as "C.I.", over 150 pages of absolutely psychotic threats. Using two separate Facebook accounts, Lin threatened to kill the victim and to commit a mass murder of Spanish-speaking people, and expressed his deep admiration for Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump.

The victim told law enforcement she recognized Lin, as he had previously been a regular at the restaurant where she worked. On one visit, Lin showed her a picture of his face superimposed with Hitler's face, an image he also sent to her on Facebook, along with the message "Composite of my face with the Führer and Reichskanzler Deutschland."

And that was far from the worst of it.

The Miami New Times reports:

"In 3 short years your entire Race your entire culture will Perish only then after I kill your S**c family I will permit you to die by hanging on Metal Wire [sic]," Lin allegedly wrote June 7. The next day, he told C.I. he planned to "enslave, rape, and use you like a baby-making machine. Once I'm finished with you I might just get rid of you like a piece of trash." The same day, he allegedly also said he would kill C.I. with a rifle while carrying a neo-Nazi dagger used by the SS.

The messages only continued. He allegedly said he wanted to "exterminate" the "worthless Latin race." July 9, he sent more Nazi-referencing threats. "By the authority of ADOLF HITLER AND GOD I HEREBY DECLARE SPANISH AND ALL SPANISH-SPEAKING PEOPLE ILLEGAL," Lin allegedly wrote. "[T]hat's ALL I NEED AUTHORITY FROM ADOLF HITLER TO ACT. I FOLLOW ONLY ADOLF HITLER AND THEN GOD. THEY ARE ONE AND THE SAME." He again threatened to kill every Hispanic person in Miami and at one point told C.I. he would "drink your blood until you die."

He was not a very smart neo-Nazi, as the woman he was harassing was an immigrant from Spain, which means she is a white person. Not that it matters, but hateful tends to coincide with stupid a good deal of the time. If not always.

Naturally, he was also a very big fan of Donald Trump, whom he claimed was going to launch a "Racial War and Crusade."

I thank god everyday Donald John Trump is President and that he will launch a Racial War and Crusade to keep the N*****s, S**cs, and Muslims and any dangerous non-White or Ethnically or Culturally foreign group 'In Line.' By 'in Line' it is meant that they will either be sent to 'Concentration Camps' or dealt with Ruthlessly and Vigorously by the United States Military.

After receiving the complaint, FBI agents got a warrant for the two Facebook accounts Lin had been using to harass "C.I." and found that he was in also in contact with another man from Miami, whom he had first offered to pay $10,000 to beat up "C.I."'s co-worker for having "insulted" him. To this, the would-be accomplice replied "Sure, pay me first Paypal or Zelle." Lin then appeared to change his mind and offered his friend $25,000 to kidnap "C.I." and bring her to him in Seattle.

The Plan is you and Mara convince her that you are Rich White Americans people she looks up to. And then get her into a rented house or mansion and chain her up and put her in a Rubber maid Plastic Bin. Then you got to drive her to Seattle, Washington, upon which I will pay you $25,000 cash. You don't need to kill her her hurt her at most you will be charged with Kidnapping. Nothing will happen to you if you get the Right lawyers She's a S**c who Hates White Americans... I doubt the FBI would care much about her.

Except they did! And now this creep is almost definitely going to prison.


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