He seems nice.

So here is a thing that happened in yr Wonkette's fine city of Memphis on Sunday! A guy named Brandon, who is black, decided to go get something to eat near the Wolfchase Galleria mall, and as so often happens in cities with traffic, there was some bullhockey with a white motorist who felt Brandon cut him off. Many road rages ensued, and Brandon decided to pull over and actually try to be nice to the guy, even though he admits that at first, he was kinda pissed off. So he rolled down the window, and the white guy, who says he's a Trump supporter, came over to the window and proceeded to call Brandon a "nigger" approximately three-thousand-eleventy times. Watch it!

We are not transcribing this. We are going to live-blog it. And we are going to call the Trump-supporting bubba "Bubba" because why not.

0:00 -- Bubba gets all up in Brandon's face through his passenger side window and yells "Trump all the way!"

0:10 -- Bubba exclaims that black lives do not matter.

0:43 -- Bubba explains that Brandon's driving makes him a "nigger."

0:50 -- Bubba says black people have to prove that black lives matter, which is ... not how that works, but OK!

1:08 -- We learn that this Trump-supporting fuckhead is allowed to explain blackness to Brandon, because of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the first episode of "The Boondocks," which he has seen.

1:20 -- Bubba does not care if you put this on Facebook and says he doesn't have any social media accounts because White Lives Matter. Bubba's brain may be broken.

1:35 -- Bubba's wife attempts to intervene, and he tells her to let him handle it, and also to "be a woman!" Can you believe this hick racist is sexist too? WHOA MIND BLOWN.

1:44 -- Bubba calls Brandon a "nigger" again.

1:55 -- Bubba says slavery was bad because "we got ripped off," because black people "can't do anything." Don't know if he learned that from Dr. King or "The Boondocks," but probably not.

2:03 -- Bubba calls Brandon a "nigger" again. And then again at 2:05. And at 2:07. This guy is REALLY getting everything off his chest!

2:10 -- Bubba says "even some white people" and also some Mexicans, are N-words to him. Again with all his totally non-racist #logic.

2:15 -- Bubba asks Brandon, "What is the definition of a nigger? Is it a word?" Then he explains what the definition is. It is a very weird definition!

2:45 -- Bubba again encourages Brandon to spread the video on social media, because people need to understand that black lives do not matter.

3:10 -- Bubba calls Brandon a "fuckin' transgender faggot," because OBVIOUSLY. This makes Brandon start giggling, because come on, is this guy for real right now?

3:15 -- Bubba grabs his white boy weenus and says "BLM DOESN'T MATTER!" Classic Bubba.

4:09 -- Bubba drops one more N-bomb, because why not?

The altercation is now over, and Brandon turns the phone back on his face and says, "That's exactly why y'all need to get out and VOTE." Then he made this face:

Is Brandon your hero now? He is our hero now.

Now, Brandon shared the video on Facebook, where it started to go viral, but Mark Zuckerberg's li'l website took it down. Luckily, we have that video above!

Also, the point of this post isn't to ruin Bubba The Stupid Redneck's life. Social media is already doing that and local media is already showing up at Bubba's house, and Bubba will probably lose his job, whatever it is. The point is that you can say ALL DAY LONG that Trump's supporters aren't cousin-fucking racists, and that he's tapped into a real "movement" of people who want change. And you'd be right! Many of them are white supremacists, and they want to Make America Great Again by going back to the "good old days" when a white man wasn't shy about calling a black man a "nigger" to his face. And that's fucking terrifying.

Our new pal Brandon did an interview with Fox 13 in Memphis and said he forgave this asshole the second he walked away, and that he does not want any harm to come to him. However, he says if the dude loses his job, "I could care less," noting that that's just suffering the consequences of your own actions. He adds that the dude's tirade against him "doesn't define every person who looks like him," which is a very clever way of pointing out that white people NEVER are made to feel like they must apologize for the actions of every single member of their race!

Here, watch the interview:

Have you voted for Hillary Clinton yet? Brandon said to vote, so you should go do that, or make your plan for voting tomorrow, okay bye.

[Fox 13]

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