Trump Nazi Gonna Decide Who's A Rabbi Now, OK Sure Whatever
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Sebastian Gorka, the former Trump administration whatever-he-did-there guy, got into a Twitter fight yesterday with some actual rabbis Thursday, proclaiming them Fake Jews because they said Jewish law doesn't forbid abortion. (It doesn't.) And if a Hungarian Nazi with a fake PhD doesn't know who's really a rabbi and who's not, well then who can you trust, really?

First, Gorka went after Rabbi Jonah Penser, a Reform rabbi who directs the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, which might sound Jewish, but obviously isn't because Penser tweeted that "a woman's right to make her own decisions is deeply grounded in Jewish values."

CAN'T POSSIBLY BE TRUE, tweeted Gorka, who is apparently an authority on Judaism.

Rabbi Jill Jacobs, executive director of T'ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights, a liberal group, wanted to know where an actual Nazi (and an actual Nazi some more) got off deciding who counts as a rabbi.

So Gorka explained she's no rabbi, either, duh, because -- well, he doesn't have to say why, she just isn't.

We guess we shouldn't be too surprised. After all, the Nazis had a very elaborate system in place to decide who was Jewish, and they certainly didn't bother asking any Jews for input on the matter.

Eventually, Gorka came back today to explain this isn't about Judaism at all, don't you see. It's about Eternal Truth, and there's only one litmus test for whether someone is really a legitimate religious leader:

He is a very smart man, and Zee era of being Jewish wizzout a Nazi "doctor's" permission is OVAH!

The stupidity at least had one good side effect: Plenty of people making fun of Seb Gorka:

And of course plenty of folks took care to point out that "Dr." Gorka has some seriously iffy credentials, having gone to a no-name "university" and largely bullshitted/plagiarized his dissertation. And as REAL PhD Andrew Reynolds, of real university U of North Carolina, found, Gorka's dissertation committee wasn't exactly what you'd call "rigorous."

The dissertation is online and includes the 'evaluations' of three referees who each presented a page of generalized comments – completely at odds with the detailed substantive and methodological evaluations that I've seen at every Ph.D defence I've been on over the last twenty years.

Two of the three referees did not even have a Ph.D. One was the US Defense Attaché at the American Embassy in Budapest at the time, while the other was employed at the UK's Defence Academy and just had a BA from Manchester University awarded in 1969. This 'neutral' examiner had published a book in Hungary with Gorka three years previously. While graduate students sometimes collaborate with their advisors the independent external examiners must have no nepotistic ties with the candidate. More important, a basic principle of assessing educational achievement is that your examiners have at least the degree level of the degree they are awarding. Undergraduates do not award Ph.Ds. In Gorka's case the only examiner who lists a doctorate was György Schöpflin – an extreme right wing Hungarian Member of the European Parliament who recently advocated putting pigs heads on a fence on the Hungarian border to keep out Muslims.

This man calls himself "Dr." Gorka.

In any case, we suspect that now that he's had some fun deciding who's a real rabbi, "Dr." Gorka will next apply himself, as the owner of a four-cylinder Mustang, to the serious task of telling people who's a race car driver and who isn't.

Haha, we kid! As anyone knows, that would be Jerry.

Primus - Jerry Was A Race Car

Funny, isn't it? Primus sucks, and Sebastian Gorka sucks, but those things don't mean the same thing at all. Guess reality really IS hard to pin down. One thing that doesn't suck for sure is that it's Friday and it's your OPEN THREAD.

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