Trump Nuns Not Even Real Nuns

Trump Nuns Not Even Real Nuns

So you know the nuns that showed up to the insurrection on January 6 and were spotted hanging around some Oath Keepers, wearing ginormous TRUMP sashes over their full-on traditional habits?

Who Trump even addressed directly at a Michigan rally back in October? Who had their own little "Stand Up Against Socialism" rally in Michigan? Even though that's totally ironic because nuns are literal communists? Like they live in a commune and share their resources? Like communists?

Well guess what! They're not real nuns! Fake nuns! Pretend nuns! Fugazi nuns!

Well, not real nuns according to the Catholic Church anyway. They dress up as nuns, they call themselves "The Dominican Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary," they live in a convent where they make honey and hang out with geese, but they are not real Catholic nuns. If I wrapped a towel over my head and started singing "Dominique," I would be as much of an actual Catholic nun as these ladies are. If you were put in WITSEC and then placed in a nunnery for your own protection where you taught all of the nuns to sing Motown hits and took them on a journey within themselves, you would be as much of an actual Catholic nun as these ladies are.

Totally was not kidding about the geese thing.

The National Catholic Register reports:

"The Dominican Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary are not, at present, in full communion with the Catholic Church and thus have no canonical standing within the Church," a spokesman for the Diocese of Lansing, Michigan, told NCR via email.

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious and the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious, the two associations of Catholic women religious in the United States, also confirmed to NCR that the Dominican Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary are not members of either body. They are also not listed in the Official Catholic Directory, the only authorized directory listing official Catholic institutions and organizations.

And Catholics are not too happy about this.

"If people present themselves as religious with no recognition by the church, it's a misrepresentation and can cause scandal on the part of those who believe that they are legitimate and recognized religious in the church," Mercy Sr. Sharon Euart, executive director of the Resource Center for Religious Institutes, told NCR.

Of course, there have been actual Catholic nuns at Trump rallies before — the ones you always see in the purple habits are from the Children of Mary order, and there was that other nun who spoke at the Republican National Convention last year; they are actual nuns.

But the Dominican Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary are sedevacantists — meaning that they're super conservative schismatic TradCaths who like to pretend that Vatican II never happened, that the Holy See has actually been vacant (sede meaning seat, vacant meaning vacant) since the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958, and who still do Latin Mass. This is evident by the flag bearing the arms of the seda vacante that, for regular Catholics, is only flown after a Pope dies. It is not clear if they are associated with the Society of St Pius V, the largest sedevacantist group, or really, what their whole deal is at all besides loving Trump and hanging out with geese.

Uh oh! A woman on the altar? Is that allowed? (Nope, even for regular Catholics, women are still only allowed on the altar to clean it)

As sedevacantists don't recognize the Holy See, the Holy See also does not recognize them and basically just considers them some weirdos playing dress-up as nuns. They do not appear to have their own Antipope, however, which means Trump still has a shot at holding an office of some sort again.

[National Catholic Register]

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