Trump Reelection Campaign Now Just Flaming ‘Everything’s Fine’ Meme

It seems highly unlikely now that Donald Trump will stink up the White House for another term, unless he somehow manages to cure COVID-19 and literally transform into Barack Obama, like when Steve Urkel drank some "magic potion" that made him cool. (Was that a drug metaphor? I think it was a drug metaphor.)

Joe Biden is currently stomping the president among every demographic except for white men with Trump's intellectual capacity (sadly, a sizable portion of the electorate). Still, if you work on Trump's sinking ship of a re-election campaign, you probably want to keep him happy and upbeat so he doesn't spike the nuclear football.

However, a Politico article revealed that Republicans across the country, at the state, district, and county level, are completely disconnected from observable reality. They don't just believe Trump will prevail in November. They think he'll win big, which he didn't even do in 2016 with Russia's help. Phillip Stephens, GOP chairman in Robeson County, North Carolina, is even thinking “landslide," but not the one where Biden flips Arizona and possibly Georgia.

STEPHENS: The more bad things happen in the country, it just solidifies support for Trump.

LOL. No, Trump has lost support during every major crisis in the past 20 years of 2020. His COVID-19 response caused him to lose ground among older voters who struggled to survive his incompetence. Two-thirds of Americans believe Trump made racial tensions worse after George Floyd's death. Trump can't do anything right because he's the human embodiment of terrible.

STEPHENS: We're calling him 'Teflon Trump.' Nothing's going to stick, because if anything, it's getting more exciting than it was in 2016.

He considers these poll numbers “exciting"?


Trump is just narrowly ahead in Texas, which Republicans don't want to have to treat as a swing state. Meanwhile, Biden is averaging 25-point leads in electoral-vote rich California and New York. A Sunday poll showed Trump up just two points in Arkansas. He's on the wrong end of this landslide.

Andrew Hitt is the party chairman in Wisconsin, a state Jill Stein helped deliver for Trump in 2016. Biden has led most polls there and is building a comfortable lead. Yes, it looked like a lock for Hillary Clinton, as well, but there's no evidence yet that Trump will benefit from a third-party challenger to the left. Also, Biden is out-performing Clinton in the very demos (white voters) that probably cost her the state. But hey, anyone can look at data and talk sense. Hitt's listening to his gut.

HITT: Things are coming right back where we want them … That focus on the economy and on re-opening and bringing America back is resonating with people.

Polls show rising voter concern that states are reopening too soon, and COVID-19 is starting to spread to Republican-voting areas. He's in a fantasy world.

Lawrence Tabas, the chairman of the Pennsylvania Republican Party, “predicts" that Trump isn't just going to carry Pennsylvania again, but he'll double his winning margin. This ain't Vegas, dude. Biden is a Pennsylvania native and is also leading most polls there. Wishful thinking isn't a campaign strategy.

It's not just Trump stooges who refuse to trust polls, thinking they are biased in favor of Democrats and reality. Republicans in general feel certain the left will bear the brunt of voter blame for the economic collapse presided over by the incumbent president. Democrats were the ones who shut down the economy, after all, once Trump let COVID-19 spread unchecked. They also believe Biden is a paper tiger, who Trump will shred on the debate stage. First place, we don't know for sure that Trump will even show up for debates, and if he does, let's not forget that Clinton repeatedly made a fool of him. Maybe Trump voters didn't care about his debate performance, but it's not like he actually won.

Presidential Debate Highlights | Clinton, Trump Debate Cybersecurity,

Some conservatives promote the idea that Trump's pettiness and cruelty will propel him to victory again, despite the country's current struggles demanding mature leadership from an emotionally mature mammal.

Local officials brush off criticism of Trump by Republican fixtures such as former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who said last week that Trump "lies all the time." They dismiss press accounts of the race. Dennis Coxwell, the chairman of Georgia's Warren County Republican Party, said: "It's gotten to a point where I cannot believe anything that the news media says."

Know-nothing Trumpism has infected the entire party. You hate to see it. But not even Trump needs to accept he's losing, so long as we make sure he does and in the most humiliating manner possible.

And on that happy note, on this rare happy day, here is your OPEN THREAD!


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