Trump Rumored To Be On Hunt For New FBI Director To Confirm Every Wrong Thing He Believes

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Trump Rumored To Be On Hunt For New FBI Director To Confirm Every Wrong Thing He Believes

Yesterday, rumors were swirling that Trump was planning to replace FBI director Christopher Wray after Wray said true things while testifying to the Department of Homeland Security instead of the things that Trump wants to be true. Right-wing media, starting with Newsmax and moving on to the traditional Macedonian troll farm outlets, started reporting that not only did he already have a shortlist, but that the person at the very top of that list is Michael Flynn lawyer Sidney Powell. This, of course, would be a really exciting thing for all of the weirdo QAnon people who think Michael Flynn is their special hero or whatever.

No one else has confirmed that, so we're taking it with a grain of salt, but Trump has told more reputable media that he is considering it.

Via Washington Post:

"We're looking at a lot of different things and I did not like his answers yesterday and I'm not sure he liked them either. I'm sure he probably would agree with me. Antifa is bad, really bad," Trump said. Trump has used the fringe anarchist believers to paint a dark image of America under Biden.

"And if you look at it, who is the real problem? The big problem is China. And we can have others also and I'm not excluding anybody. But the big problem is China, and why he doesn't want to say that, that certainly bothers me," Trump added, referring to reports that China was working to boost Biden in the election.

Wray probably didn't like his answers yesterday. He's a Republican. I'm sure he would have loved reporting that the real danger was the Left, that the real danger was Antifa and that white supremacists are simply a bunch of cuddly bunnies who love their country so, so much and would never do nothing to hurt nobody. I'm sure he would have enjoyed doing that.

Unfortunately, his job yesterday was to report the facts that exist, not the facts that he or Donald Trump would really like to exist.

For one, Wray said that Russia was a much bigger threat than China when it comes to meddling with this year's election, and Trump wanted him to say it is China that is the bigger threat. It would make him super happy if Wray would just say that, because then everyone would be like, "Oh, poor Donald Trump! The communists in China are conspiring against him because they want Joe Biden to win! That is so unfair! And they're going to mess with the ballots, probably, so like ... there just shouldn't be any voting by mail, and maybe even only Republicans should be allowed to vote because maybe all of the Democrats are in cahoots with the communists!"

And then, you know, he'd win and everyone would go, "Look at him, beating the odds like that with all of those communists conspiring against him!"

Wray appears not to get this. He's a Republican, and yet he doesn't get this. He's supposed to get up there and confirm, regardless of what is actually found, evidence-wise, that the whole space opera happening inside Donald Trump's head is totally real and not a thing he and his followers are imagining. He's supposed to say that there's no threat from Russia and that Vladimir Putin is a great, democratically elected leader and a friend to all Americans. Obviously.

Wray also fucked up by saying that Antifa isn't so much an organization as it is an ideology, just because that is a factually correct statement that someone in the intelligence gathering business would understand. But what Wray should have said is, "Yes, it is definitely an organization and not only that, it is an organization funded by George Soros, who pays a bunch of actors a ton of money to pretend like they think police brutality is a serious problem or that Donald Trump is bad when in fact they think those things are awesome, just like everyone else in the whole world does," and then designated them as the greatest terror threat of all.

Or, as Trump said:

I would like to know what kind of funding Trump thinks "Antifa" would even require. I can't think of anything, really. In my black bloc days I funded myself with the money I earned working at a vintage clothing store. Though I didn't really have any expenses beyond gas.

Trumpist Dan Bongino complained that probably Wray was just saying all of these things so that liberal journalists will say nice things about him, rather than because they are true.

But the worst sin Wray committed β€” even worse than saying a thing that Donald Trump does not agree with about Putin or China β€” was testifying to Congress that most racially motivated violent extremism in the US is committed by white supremacists, rather than by everyone else, against white people:

Within the domestic terrorism bucket category as a whole, racially motivated violent extremism is I think the biggest bucket within that large group. And within the racially motivated extremism bucket people prescribing to some kind of white supremacist ideology is certainly the biggest chunk of that.

Conservatives did not like that at all. Gateway Pundit called it "outrageous!"

Why won't they see that the real crimes are the ones being committed against white people?

Via Gateway Pundit:

Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter Marxists are burning down buildings, shaking down business, terrorizing white people dining outdoors and threatening white people in their homes.

That was the entirety of their article, by the way, aside from the quote from Wray, a claim that he had no evidence for, and various videos of protests getting out of hand.

It is very well-documented that white supremacists and right-wing extremists commit the vast majority of violent terrorism. It's been true for years. It's understandable that the Right would prefer this to not be true because they think they're doing really well with their mantra that Black Lives Matter and Antifa are scary and violent, but that doesn't make it so. The only way, really, to get an FBI director to say what they want an FBI director to say is for the FBI to stop doing intelligence gathering and focus exclusively on making up weird shit about the Left that rightwing assholes would find satisfying.

Naturally, the Q people are very excited and claiming that the rumors of Wray being ousted is "proof" that one of Q's "proofs" accurately predicted Wray's firing back in July β€” only two months after Axios had reported that he would probably be fired soon.

Well, you know, whatever gets them through the day.

[Washington Post]

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