Trump's 'Elite Strike Force' Of Lawyers Full Of Sh*t, And Trump Campaign Knew It

Here's some news we probably assumed was true all along, but having it confirmed really kind of brings what Donald Trump and his minions did in the days and weeks after he lost the election to another level, as Trump tried to seize and maintain power to which he wasn't entitled. This of course culminated on January 6, when a mob of domestic terrorists he incited over a period of months attacked the US Capitol to keep Congress from certifying the presidential election.

According to a memo filed in court last week -- in a defamation case against the Trump campaign brought by Eric Coomer, a former employee of Dominion Voting Systems, whose life was ruined by all this -- Trump's campaign was absolutely aware mere days after the election that all Trump's lawyers' bizarre and bullshit voting fraud conspiracy theories were just that: conspiracy theories.

The New York Times begins its story with the press conference Trump's lawyers threw on November 19. That'd be the one where Rudy Giuliani's face appeared to be leaking and Rudy was like "HAVE YOU SEEN MY COUSIN VINNY" and Jenna Ellis was like "THIS IS NOT 'LAW & ORDER'" and Jenna Ellis called their own group the "Elite Strike Force" and America laughed and laughed and laughed. It was also the one where Sidney Powell started saying amazing batshit things about Hugo Chavez stealing elections for Joe Biden from the great beyond.

By the time the news conference occurred on Nov. 19, Mr. Trump's campaign had already prepared an internal memo on many of the outlandish claims about the company, Dominion Voting Systems, and the separate software company, Smartmatic. The memo had determined that those allegations were untrue.

The court papers, which were initially filed late last week as a motion in a defamation lawsuit brought against the campaign and others by a former Dominion employee, Eric Coomer, contain evidence that officials in the Trump campaign were aware early on that many of the claims against the companies were baseless.

Oh. So his lawyers were just ... saying stuff? In order to try to perform a coup against America for their boss Donald Trump? You don't say. Did anybody on the campaign mention to the lawyers or to Trump that they knew for sure that his lawyers were full of shit?

The documents also suggest that the campaign sat on its findings about Dominion even as Sidney Powell and other lawyers attacked the company in the conservative media and ultimately filed four federal lawsuits accusing it of a vast conspiracy to rig the election against Mr. Trump.

Why say anything, when you can just not?

The Times says the Trump campaign's deputy comms director, Zach Parkinson, had asked on November 13 for staffers to "substantiate or debunk" a bunch of claims about Dominion. The next day -- the next day -- the answer came back, and among other things, the answer was that Dominion was a normal voting machine company that was not actually controlled by Hugo Chavez's dead ghost and George Soros.

As Mr. Coomer's lawyers wrote in their motion in the defamation suit, "The memo produced by the Trump campaign shows that, at least internally, the Trump campaign found there was no evidence to support the conspiracy theories regarding Dominion" and Mr. Coomer.

What did they know ...

"The Trump campaign continued to allow its agents," the motion says, "to advance debunked conspiracy theories and defame" Mr. Coomer, "apparently without providing them with their own research debunking those theories."

And when did they know it?

Like we said, it's not particularly surprising to learn that the campaign knew whatever Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani were blowing out their blowholes was demented garbage. Anybody with eyes and ears could tell you that. (By the way, Business Insider reminds us that the Trump campaign officially severed ties with Sidney Powell on November 23, for whatever that is worth.)

It just seems important that the campaign actually had documented evidence of that fact, as Trump and his lawyers started smear campaigns against random Dominion employees like Eric Coomer and incited Trump's followers over and over again -- all while Trump was hatching insane plans for the Georgia secretary of State to steal the election for him, or maybe Mike Pence could just lie a lot and steal the election on January 6, and if that doesn't work, there's this mob of frothing terrorists outside ...

Yeah, it seems important.

[New York Times]

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