Trump Says His Racism Is Cool, Because Many Racists Agree With Him!​

Hey, y'all hear the Nazi who murdered Heather Heyer in Charlottesville is going to prison for "Throw Away The Key" number of years, now that he's been sentenced on state charges on top of his federal life sentence? We're sure President Grand Wizard thinks that's pretty unfair.

But that's not what Donald Trump talked about in his weird-ass press conference today. He did, on the other hand, say his white supremacist tweets against four Democratic congresswomen of color were OK, because many people agree with his white supremacist tweets:

It doesn't concern me because many people agree with me.

What, did you think there was going to be some nuance or context surrounding his quote? LOL OK, we're talking about a "stable genius" here, we're lucky he used a verb.

Trump also made up fake quotes, as in literally pulled them from his dumb fucking asshole and made reporters smell them, wherein Ilhan Omar purportedly said she LOVES al Qaeda. Who needs Russian deep fakes, when President Russian Agent just tells his pigshit followers that sitting US congresswomen love al Qaeda and hate America?

I hear the way she talks about al Qaeda. Al Qaeda has killed many Americans. She said you can hold your chest out. You can -- when I think of America, HUUUUGHHHH! [That is approximately the sound he made. -- Ed.] When I think of al Qaeda, I can hold my chest out!

After that, Trump started to invent a fake Omar quote about 9/11, but we guess his brain skipped and he forgot to finish it, so he just started yelling about how if these people hate America so much, they can leave. Oh yeah, and he mentioned that Omar and the other congresswomen hate Jews, unlike the Republicans, who LOVE Jews (much the same way that pedophiles love children).

Of course there is zero that came out of Trump's lying fucking mouth that's actually true. These women do not hate America. They love America, and they hate the evil that Donald Trump is perpetuating in our name. They're not afraid of him either.

The only "controversial" comments Ilhan Omar has ever made about 9/11 were only "controversial" because bad-faith assholes took them entirely out of context. (It wasn't a difficult context, either. It was two sentences reduced to the four words, "some people did something.") And we shouldn't even have to point out that Ilhan Omar has never said a goddamned thing about being proud of al Qaeda, or it making her able to "hold [her] chest out." That is nothing more than the president of the United States inciting violence by lying about a sitting congresswoman wholesale, because he is thatmuch of a dirtbag.

Trump's comment came from somewhere of course. Aaron Rupar points out at Vox that Omar did an interview in 2013 where she talked about how a professor she had said "al Qaeda" differently from how he said other words, and her point seemed to be that when certain people say the names of terrorist organizations like "al Qaeda," they change their entire demeanor and say those names with INTENSITY, to make sure they come out VERY SCARY, whereas they don't do that for other people and groups who mass-murder people. She did not say nice words about al Qaeda. Not even a little. We don't know what kind of telephone game Trump's been playing where Omar's words got mangled all the way to Trump imagining Omar said she is in love with al Qaeda, but we imagine white supremacists like Tucker Carlson and Lou Dobbs are involved.

Know who HAS given aid and comfort to America's enemies, like a whole lot? Know who bragged on 9/11 that he was going to have the tallest building in lower Manhattan now? Know who lied and said he saw "thousands" of Muslims partying on the streets in New Jersey on 9/11, because they were so happy about the attack? Know who takes the word of Vladimir Putin over that of our own intelligence community? Know who currently seems like he's trying to date Kim Jong Un, the most vicious dictator in the world, because of how Kim sends him sexxxxy letters? Know who refuses to hold his good pal Prince Murderfuck bin Shitstain accountable for ordering the murder of a Washington Post journalist?

Always remember with this dude, if he is accusing you of something -- like for instance, hating America! -- he is always doing that thing, bigly.

By the way, Trump wasn't speaking entirely off the cuff. He had notes, and Washington Post photographer Jabin Botsford has embiggened his notes, so you can see them. Pay particular attention to the part where he reminds himself to mention "Alcaida."

Yep, he is that stupid.

In related news, a couple Republicans did actually manage to get over their vapors and condemn President Shitstain for being a shitstain racist and make love words about our nation of immigrants, but not this guy, hang on, Rebecca wants to add her own tweet here, as fucking usual:

At long last Mitt Romney can fuck out of here, again.

Now it is your OPEN THREAD.

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