Trump Spends Weekend Golfing, Getting In Touch With His Inner Alex Jones, Calling Women Fat Skanks

Trump Spends Weekend Golfing, Getting In Touch With His Inner Alex Jones, Calling Women Fat Skanks

Donald Trump had a big, big weekend. He started it by going golfing, which you will recall is a thing he was very mad at Obama for doing during the Ebola crisis.

Trump's press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, also once criticized Obama for golfing right after Daniel Pearl was beheaded ... in 2002. When he was not president. Probably wasn't golfing that day either, as this mostly seems to have been some kind of pipe dream McEnany had.

Nevertheless, McEnany was very clear in saying that she believes it is not good for a president to be golfing in a time of national crisis.

We should not, however, complain. Because when Trump is out golfing, he's not doing other things that are obviously much worse than golfing. In fact, I think he should spend every moment of the next few months hitting the green. Is that a thing you say in golf? I feel like that is a thing you say in golf. He will do less damage that way.

When he stopped golfing yesterday, he did not go on to do anything useful. He spent the rest of the day on Twitter, retweeting tweets from 2012 Republican congressional candidate John K. Stahl calling Hillary Clinton a skank and calling Stacey Abrams fat.

In another time, with another president, this would have been bigger news. Probably a whole scandal, even! Pundits would talk about it for a week, at least. Now it's just like "Oh, yeah, he does that."

Just like how sometimes he accuses cable news hosts of murder, a thing he also did this weekend.

Now, I don't care much for Joe Scarborough. Never have. But like, he's probably not a murderer. That staffer was later found to have had an undiagnosed mitral valve prolapse issue -- which can actually cause fainting. It can cause a lot of things. I know, because I was diagnosed with one myself and they tell you that kind of stuff at the doctor's office.

But Trump loves his conspiracy theories!

Speaking of which, he also spent part of this morning insisting that a mail-in ballot for the election in November would have major voter fraud issues because of how people could be forced to sign ballots for people they didn't want to vote for and people could also steal ballots from mail boxes, which definitely seem like real things that would happen in real life.

Obligatory mention of the fact that large-scale voter fraud is extremely easy to detect and the fact that the only instance of mail-in ballot fraud to have occurred in recent memory was committed by a North Carolina Republican. Because of course it was.

So yeah. I don't know about you, but none of these tweets seem "very stable" to me. I'd rather he golf than make any important decisions at this time. Or any time, really.

Anyway! It is now your open thread! Talk amongst yourselves! Enjoy!

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