Trump Spent 9/11 Teaching The Moonies A Thing Or Two About Brainwashing

Trump Spent 9/11 Teaching The Moonies A Thing Or Two About Brainwashing

Most of us, probably, did not do anything too fabulously important yesterday. Me, I watched the Lularich documentary (everything else aside, I honestly don't understand how people can't see that those clothes are hideous.), but I am not a former US President. Donald Trump — who is, unfortunately, a former US president — decided to commemorate 9/11 in part by giving a speech to the Moonies and making an appearance at some kind of MMA thing.

The speech occurred during the Unification Church's latest "Rally of Hope" event, and involved Trump praising the Church itself, current leader Hak Ja Han and her deceased husband, the notorious Reverend Sun Myung Moon. He praised Moon in particular for "founding The Washington Times, an organization for which I have tremendous respect and admiration."

Trump had nothing but praise for the church, stating

What they have achieved on the Peninsula is just amazing. In a few decades, the inspiration they have caused for the entire planet is unbelievable, and I congratulate you again and again. In less than one lifetime they took a war-torn land and turned it into one of the great nations and great democracies of the world, while standing as America's friend and ally. Their example reminds all of us who strive for peace and a better future, that we should never give up and never, ever lose hope.

He's not the first Republican to speak at one of these shindigs. He's not even the first person from his own administration. That honor belongs to Mike Pence, who appeared at their Rally of Hope last year.

The Moons are known in the church as the "True Parents" and are indeed considered literal deities. Adam and Eve were the original True Parents but they screwed everything up by eating an apple, which the Church considers a metaphor for having had sex before they were supposed to. Then Jesus was supposed to come down and save everybody, but he failed because he got crucified before he could do that. The Moons are just the latest in a series of divinely created beings meant to lead people to God and what they call the "spirit world." They also believe that the children who are the products of the mass public arranged marriages are "blessed children" born without original sin, which is why it's super awkward for them when those kids leave the church or turn out to be gay, which the church frowns upon.

Here is some more info on the church's practices, from someone who was actually in it.

Actually, if you end up watching the LulaRich documentary on Amazon, consider chasing it with Blessed Child, a documentary made by one of those children who has since left the church. It's on some channel you have to pay for, but you can do the seven-day free trial thing. But if you feel like watching something else today, Stephen and I will be back on here at 3pm EST for another chat. Maybe if you're lucky I can tell you about the time that I was specifically not invited to join a weird sex cult (I will probably not do that).

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