Trump Suckup Bill Mitchell Pulls Grifty Bait And Switch, Shocking Several

Trump Suckup Bill Mitchell Pulls Grifty Bait And Switch, Shocking Several

Rightwing Twitter creature Bill Mitchell, who mostly exists to tell followers how great Donald Trump is, to promote QAnon, and to regularlybeclownhimself for our amusement, is in a wee spot of bother with some of his fans. Mitchell has a shitty internet not-really-TV show like every other wingnut in the world, and told his followers he would really like to move the whole shebang to a really professional studio in Washington DC, so he could really be at the center of political events in our newly great-again nation. So starting in May, he begged for donations on his show in a GoFundMe, complete with the above image showing him in front of one of Washington DC's many stock photos. It was going to be the best thing ever! He told fans he'd have all kinds of access to the corridors of power, and they'd all be on his show, maybe!

"All that stuff is very expensive, and if you want it, there's a couple of ways you can do it," Mitchell said on his show, before plugging a GoFundMe page to help raise $15,000 for his move. Mitchell also frequently discussed his move to Washington and the fundraising page on Twitter, claiming it would put him closer to "all my political friends."

Haw haw, he didn't move from Palm Beach to DC! He moved from Palm Beach to MIAMI instead, where the cost of living is lower and stock photos of DC cost the same as anywhere else.

Over the weekend, Mitchell posted some photos to Twitter of his lovely "new Miami home," and people started asking what the hell that moving to DC stuff had been all about.

He also explained in one tweet that there was nothing at all misleading about the fundraiser, because it never specified the cash was for a DC move, no it did not. He just talked about moving to DC on his show and Twitter, and shouldn't people know better than to believe what they see on Twitter? No grifter, no grifter, YOU'RE the grifter!

He also explained that "DC gets maybe 4 nice months a year," but "Miami gets 10," and wisely pointed out that "Surprisingly, DC is much more expensive than Miami and the taxes are very high." Liberal troublemaker Will Sommer has some thoughts on that over at the Daily Beast:

It's not clear why Mitchell couldn't, or didn't, take predictable factors like weather and local taxes into account before raising money to move to Washington. And some Mitchell fans have started to demand on Twitter that he offer refunds on the GoFundMe page.

Mitchell has denied his detractors' claims that he used the $14,280 to pay for his new Miami home. "You think I can purchase a place in Miami with the small amount donated on gofundme?" Mitchell asked his critics on Twitter. "Have you been to Miami?"

God, his fans are stupid! You want proof? They are his fans. Also, Mitchell was one of the attendees at Trump's rightwing troll slob picnic.

In addition to the new digs, Mitchell is now "media chief" for rightwing search engine Ghost Jerry Rubin, Ghost Abbie Hoffman, and Ghost Paul Krassner should sue. If you were to search, say, "wonkette," it comes up with either Twitchy posts or a collection called "christopher," we guess.

And that is our report from DCMiami the wilds of Boise. Now wherever you are, it's your OPEN THREAD!

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