Trump Make-Believing He Is Superman Again, Bless His Heart

If you haven't done your daily truthing on Truth Social today, you might not have seen this weird truth Donald Trump truthed:

Oh dear, he's making believe he's a superhero again. He wants to be Superman so badly. He desperately wants people to be attracted to him, to think he looks like that, to think he is a man of steel. Remember after he recovered from his stint in the hospital with COVID coughing up ketchup packets and hot dog bones, how he really wanted to emerge and rip his shirt open to reveal a Superman "S"?

The truth, of course, is that whatever he is right now, he's two more years deteriorated than he was the day that ramp at West Point bit him:


Of course, Trump is the target of multiple criminal investigations and he will never have the protections of the presidency ever again, so we're guessing that's making him look even more haggard than usual these days.

So in the video above, Trump says America needs a superhero, and then there is this fantasyland sequence where Trump is dressed as a superhero with a good body, and then it says he's making a major announcement December 15.

He's already announced he's running for president, and has reportedly spent the month since doing absolutely not shit besides waddling to the pooper and waddling to dinner with Nazis.

One month later, what does he want from us? Is this a do-over?

Is he double-announcing he's running for double-president?

Is he announcing he's running for America's next top superhero?

"America's Next Top Model"?

"Dancing With The Stars"?

Is he going on "The Amazing Race" with one of his new Nazi friends?

Does he know "The Amazing Race" isn't a quiz show and he can't just answer "white"?

Is he expecting us to believe his body really looks like that, or ever did?

Is he announcing that Kari Lake is going to be his running mate for his presidential campaign that's never going to actually get off the ground, especially once the indictments start rolling in?

Is he announcing that he thinks Kari Lake's lawsuit to overturn Arizona might eventually also overturn America for him? (No, he already said that on OAN in an interview conducted by his lawyer/friend Christina Bobb, who used to work at OAN.)


Did he just get a target letter from the FBI or something? Haha.

Did he find some more stolen classified documents underneath Don Jr.'s pillow inside a stiff copy of Boobyknockers magazine?

Ohhhhhhhhhh, we know!

Is he just absolutely dying because of that poll showing Ron DeSantis beating the shit out of him? The one that shows that 61 percent of Republican voters prefer someone else?

Is he challenging Ron DeSantis to some kind of dumpy duel between guys who imagine themselves to be gladiators?

Does he need attention?

Does the baby need attention?

Is that what this is about?

Does the fucking baby need attention?


Whatever it is, it gave the Washington Times a boner. Their story about this says Trump went "full Clark Kent" in this video.

Reminder: This is "full Clark Kent."


We are entirely too kind to post any of the pictures on Twitter of what Trump would really look like dressed as Superman, but they're in the comments of that PatriotTakes tweet above, so that's where you can find those, the end!

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