'I'm like this without Ambien or anything else, believe me'

Donald Trump just wants everyone to know that Ronny Jackson is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being he's ever met, and also that no sane person would ever want to go through the living hell Dr. Jackson will have to face as the nominee to be Trump's secretary of Veterans Affairs. After blithely tossing Jackson under a bus at a press conference yesterday (the White House keeps several parked on the grounds for that purpose), Trump met with Jackson to give him a pep talk, and the White House now insists it will fight for Jackson's nomination no matter what, or at least until after 5:00 Eastern on Friday.

In response to a question at a presser with his Best French Friend Forever Emanuel Macron, Trump took several rambling minutes of blaming Democrats for being the worst people ever, and incidentally explaining why Jackson is just an extraordinary guy, the absolute best, and if he has any sense he'll say the hell with this nomination stuff, because jackals in the press are so mean:

Ever the supportive backer, Trump said that it was Jackson's decision whether to go forward with the nomination, and said he'd asked Jackson, "What do you need this for?" as if Jackson were the one who'd stupidly put himself forward for a job for which he's hideously unqualified:

I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't do it. What does he need it for? To be abused by a bunch of politicians that aren't thinking nicely about our country? I really don't think personally he should do it, but it's totally his — I would stand behind him — totally his decision.

The whole process, Trump said, was simply "too ugly, and it’s too disgusting." It really made us wonder what sort of monster would subject a good man like Dr. Jackson to all that. If only people in Washington would think nicely about America. It's nice to be nice to the nice.

Not surprisingly, Trump met with Jackson later in the day to promise Jackson he would absolutely back the doctor's nomination, you bet, and that Jackson would get a chance to present his side of the story in a confirmation hearing, according to two White House officials who spoke to CBS News. CBS did not mention whether the smell of diesel fumes from an idling autobus was evident during the meeting.

Yesterday afternoon also brought a fairly incredible interview on NPR with Senator Jon Tester, the ranking member on the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, in which Tester outlined concerns that had been brought to the committee by current and former members of the military who had worked with Jackson:

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