Trump Team Purges GOP National Security Advisor Because Of ... Wait For It ... Benghazi

Still a thing

Back in the long-ago days of 2014, the House Intelligence Committee investigated the terrorist attacks in Benghazi. It was one of at least 10 Congressional investigations, and -- like every other Congressional investigation -- found that Hillary Clinton did not in fact scale the wall at the CIA annex to murder Ambassador Chris Stevens, as she is wont to do. Nor did she grab American personnel by the scrotums and demand that they stand by helplessly and impotently and watch it all buuuuurn. Which is just what a GOP committee investigating Hillary Clinton and all her bloody treasons would say!

Now ex-Rep. Mike Rogers, who chaired the committee, has been booted from Donald Trump's transition team, where he was advising the president-elect on national security.

While much reporting on Rogers's ouster is focusing on his loyalty to Chris Christie, and how Chris Christie once actually investigated a Republican and put him in prison (that Republican being Donald Trump's son-in-law's felon grifter lawbreaking jailbird dad), well, not so fast says the Weekly Standard!

While others are reporting that Rogers was pushed out because of his alliance with ousted transition chief Chris Christie, sources tell THE WEEKLY STANDARD that the Trump transition team grew skittish about Rogers over concerns about the former congressman's Intelligence committee report on the September 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. The transition team's executive committee discussed the 2014 Rogers report, which most of his fellow Republicans on the Intelligence committee did not endorse, on its first conference call on Saturday.

So which do we believe? Rogers was pushed out for his alliance with a man who prosecuted Donald Trump's family member for breaking a few tiny laws, or Rogers was pushed out for not trumping up a charge to LOCK HER UP?



Rebecca Schoenkopf

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