Trump Puts Twitter Hit Out On Adam Schiff But The True Threat To Democracy Is Schiff's Rudeness


Super religious man of God Donald Trump kicked off his Sunday with bitterness, resentment, and thinly veiled death threats. The president's grossness will never rest -- not even on the seventh day. Trump took aim at his personal Javert, Adam Schiff, who he believes has not "paid the price yet" for performing his constitutional duty.

Trump equates his own sorry ass with "our Country" as a whole, which is typical narcissistic behavior. He also puts the call out for Schiff to get fitted with cement galoshes, which is more of his standard mobster talk. Although, most mobsters with functioning brains avoid threatening prosecutors from their ongoing trial in front of 72 million witnesses. There are bound to be a few stool pigeons in the bunch.

Republicans were greatly offended Friday when Schiff implied that the president was an unhinged vindictive sociopath who threatened to literally get medieval on any Republican who didn't fully support him. Schiff just quoted the president's own words, which appalled Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins so much they retracted Schiff's invitation to the Bingleys' ball at Netherfield Park.

The president's low-rent gangster thuggery didn't lose him any support in polite Republican society. Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford explained away Trump's Twitter tantrums to an increasingly astounded Jake Tapper on CNN.

TAPPER: Adam Schiff has been getting death threats, sources tell me. Do you condemn what the president tweeted?

LANKFORD: I don't think the president is trying to do a death threat here. Or do some sort of intimidation.

TAPPER: "He has not paid the price yet"?

Lankford claimed Trump's verbiage was no different than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying Republican Senators would "pay a price" for enabling a sham trial. Pelosi is a professional who understands how electoral politics work. Trump is an overgrown, emotionally disturbed child who tweets nonsense like this:

If Trump only meant that Schiff will pay a "political" price, this just shows he has no concept of the world outside of Fox News. Schiff represents California's 28th congressional district, which is a Democratic stronghold. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, even John Kerry carried the district with more than 70 percent of the vote. Schiff himself has won his past four elections with close to 80 percent of the vote. He's quite popular, and it's not like impeachment is going to make him any less popular -- quite the opposite. The entire state of California thinks Trump sucks. Schiff could run for governor or senator with ease. My boy's on the move, and he's not just appealing to hippies whose pot-addled minds are jonesing for democracy. When conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin talks about Schiff, she sounds like my friend Liz after seeing a Bruce Springsteen concert.

Tapper reminded Lankford that some of Trump's supporters have already tried to bomb Democratic politicians and even just plain Democrats. Lankford saw Tapper's point and raised it with the completely irrelevant fact that a deranged gunman shot up a Republican baseball practice.

LANKFORD: Saying the president was trying to spur this on would be like saying that Democrats were trying to spur on the killing.

Someone could say that if they were the dumbest person alive or just pathetically trying to defend the current title holder.

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