Trump Too Busy Dealing With Mar-a-Lago COVID Outbreak To Be Inaugurated As President Today

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Trump Too Busy Dealing With Mar-a-Lago COVID Outbreak To Be Inaugurated As President Today
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Today is March 20. As you may recall, this is the very day that some QAnon people claimed Donald Trump would be sworn in as President. That appears to not be happening. Though for the record, many of them are pretty sure that former Trump aide Richard Grenell is officially the President of the United States now — because there was some Google fluke that lead to him being listed as the President of the United States.

Apparently it is important that Grenell was not in line for the succession even under Trump, because that is the only way the military would have been able to appoint him, according to one Anon.

"Exactly the only way it could work is at[SIC] the military appointed him"

While they don't all think this means that Richard Grenell is president now, several have considered that this means that "PATRIOTS ARE IN CONTROL" at Google. Whatever the hell that's supposed to mean.

Either way, you know who is definitely still not the president? Donald Trump! Even if he wanted to be sworn in, today would be a really rough day for it, as apparently Mar-a-Lago, where he now lives, has had to parially close due to a COVID outbreak. Whoops!

Via AP:

That's according to several people, including one familiar with club operations, who said Mar-a-Lago had "partially closed" a section of the club and quarantined some of its workers "out of an abundance of caution." The person spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the situation by name.

An email sent to members said that service had been temporarily suspended in the club's dining room and at its beach club because some staff members had recently tested positive. It said the club had undertaken "all appropriate response measures," including sanitizing affected areas," and that banquet and event services remain open.

Oh yeah, they should definitely keep having events there. Certainly there's no way that all of the events they've been having there were what lead to the outbreak in the first place.

The club in Palm Beach has been a flurry of activity in recent weeks, hosting events and fundraisers, including one to benefit rescue dogs. Trump unexpectedly dropped by the event last week.

In January, Palm Beach County issued a warning to Mar-a-Lago's management after a New Year's Eve party that violated an ordinance requiring employees and guests to wear masks. Video of the party posted online by Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., showed that few of the 500 guests wore masks as they crowded the dance floor while rapper Vanilla Ice, Beach Boys co-founder Mike Love and singer Taylor Dayne performed. The club was told future violations would result in fines of $15,000.

Really? Taylor Dayne? Well isn't this just going to cast a very depressing pall over any future karaoke performances of "Tell It To My Heart."

Anyway! You are now free to discuss this or whatever you want to your hearts content, because it is your OPEN THREAD. Enjoy!


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