Trump Wants To Run FAA Like Trump Shuttle.  Wonkagenda For Mon., Feb. 26, 2018

Morning Wonketariat! Here's some of the things we may be talking about today.

The Democrats released a heavily redacted version of their Trump-Russia memo over the weekend, and it details all the things Devin Nunes's crib notes left out.

Devin Nunes emerged from his swampy burrow to tell Fox & Friends that Trump-Russia is an elaborate hoax by the Jews "billionaire masters" in media.

The right-wing echo chamber is calling for the head of Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel in the wake of the MSD shooting -- coincidentally the sheriff is a Democrat.

CNN is calling bullshit on the family of Colton Haab, an MSD student who went on Fox News to claim CNN fed him a script, releasing emails and metadata that show Haab's father doctored the "proof" claimed by Fox. Come correct, son.

With the March budget deadline looming, lobbyists are flooding the hill trying to secure legislation and funding for "pet projects," the biggest among them being fixing state Republicans' healthcare fuck-ups, finding a DACA deal, securing election systems from Russian fuckery, and gun control.

Later today SCOTUS will hear a case on public sector unions collecting fees from non-members, otherwise known as "the Koch Brothers' lifelong hard-on."

SCOTUS is also thinking about digital privacy rights in a case that argues whether an email provider has to cough up your personal information if it's stored in another country.

Even though John Kelly is trying to clean out some of the trash from Trump's White House, Trump is letting Jared Kushner lurk around without a security clearance.

Senior White House officials are leaking that Trump is mulling plans to kill drug dealers like his idols in in the Philippines.

Trump wants to install his personal pilot to run the FAA because the guy used to bitch about being stuck on the tarmac.

Scott Pruitt's high-flying fuckery has triggered a rash of FOIA lawsuits from transparency groups who want to know what the hell he's doing behind the curtain.

The oil and gas industry can't catch a break, with one industry official stating "Trump is picking amongst his children...why is oil and gas the red-headed stepchild?"

Even though Carrier is still laying people off, its parent company, United Technologies, is hauling in millions in federal tax credits AND it just signed another billion dollar contract without competition to supply parts and equipment to the military.

After she got booed off the stage at CPAC for having the balls to criticize the GOP for endorsing child molesters and French Nazis, Republican never-Trumper Mona Charen wrote an op-ed reiterating that she gives zero fucks what the grab-ass neo Nazi caucus thinks.

Former RNC chair Michael Steele was pissed after a Republican official told a CPAC dinner that he was only nominated as chair because he was black; that caused GOP dingus Matt Schlapp to blubber about Steele being another ungracious and angry black man.

The NRA gave FCC Chairman Ajit Pai the "Charlton Heston Courage Under Fire Award" for killing net neutrality, but now ethics experts are trying to pry the handcrafted gun from Pai's cold, dead dickbeaters by citing federal regulations.

California's Democratic Party isn't endorsing Sen. Dianne Feinstein (again), opting instead to support after progressive insurgent candidate Kevin de León secured 54% of the vote.

Shortly after we talked about the congressional race in Texas's 10th District, the DCCC sent out a shockingly brutal memo accusing candidate Laura Moser of, essentially, being a carpetbagger who won't bring change. Whatcha doing, DCCC?

Even though the Virginia Democratic primary isn't until June, the DCCC has endorsed a candidate; that's got many Virginia Democrats picking up pitchforks. Whatcha doing, DCCC?

The DNC is declining to endorse Chicago-area Rep. Dan Lipinski despite vocal repudiation from voters over his continued refusal to support abortion or Obamacare. Note: Lipinski isn't a Blue Dog, Lipinski is chickenshit.

Venezuela's economy is collapsing as the world moves away from crude oil, despite a number of gimmicks to keep the country afloat (like a state-backed cryptocurrency), and Trump's threat of sanctions may destabilize more of Latin America.

As the 2018 Olympics came to a close this weekend, US Olympian Gus Kenworthy jumped on Twitter to ask what the fuck Ivanka Trump was even doing in South Korea.

A bipartisan group of ex-White House officials from the Bush 43 and Obama-era formed a group to track Russian bots and fuckery only to get called warhawks from pro-Russian brainwashing hacks like Glenn Greenwald.

An Internet researcher took a deep dive into the rabbit hole of Youtube's tinfoil hat crowd and discovered a feedback loop that's getting deeper due to Youtube's hands-off approach to conspiracy videos.

A former Facebook guy has a semi-wonky 'splainer about how Facebook charged Clinton 30 times more for an ad than it charged Trump. [Archive]

ICYMIL: Ben Shapiro doesn't want to sound racist, but, he powered through a snotty spiel about the blackness of Black Panther anyway.

Omarosa was "You're Fired" from another reality show; whatever.

A West Virginia judge dismissed the defamation suit filed by Murray Energy CEO Bob Murray for that time John Oliver brought out a giant squirrel and told him to "Eat Shit." LOL, eat a bowl of dicks, Bob!

And here's your morning Nice Time!

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