TrumpCare Digs Its Own Grave. Wonkagenda For Mon., June 26, 2017

Well, hello there, Wonketariat! WE HAVE MANY NEWSES for you today, including some mommy blogging! But here's some of the things we may be talking about today.

Prince Jared's real estate firm got a $285 million loan from Deutsche Bank just before the election, which isn't illegal or nefarious, but it's certainly interesting when you see how much Russian money flows through Deutsche Bank.

Illinois Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger wants to raise "holy hell" over Trump-Russia because he's blowing off decades of Republican Russo-phobia. That's just...sure. Whatever. Welcome aboard.

European countries are fighting Russian fuckery and propaganda in their own unique ways by spotlighting, shaming, and screwing with Russian trolls and assholes.

Senate Republicans are quickly trying to re-jigger TrumpCare to add a "lock-out" for the uninsured who are trying to get insurance, just to add literal insult to injury.

CBO projections on TrumpCare/WealthCare/FuckThePoorsCare suggest that 15 to 22 million people will lose health coverage over a decade, but the raw data isn't out yet so things could still get worse. Hurray....

Obamacare is now OFFICIALLY more popular than TrumpCare according to a new poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Looks like all the poors, the sick, and the olds really do like not dying, who knew?

Nevada Republican Sen. Dean Heller is facing million dollar attack ads from Trump surrogates as well as a six-figure hashtag war in an attempt get Heller to sit-down and shut-up about TrumpCare.

Upon emerging from a dank hole in a burned-out toxic waste repository, the shadowy and decrepit husks commonly known as the Koch Brothers have announced they are full of sads that TrumpCare doesn't fuck over enough poor people.

It's Energy Week in Trump's White House, which means they're going to be snorting lines of coal and having crude oil orgies in the Rose Garden.

People are leaning on Rick Perry to convince Trump not to kill NAFTA, but Perry and his big oil dance partners are already doing the Tango.

Is Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy retiring? Maybe, but it certainly doesn't look like he's going to spend the rest of his days keeping grandchildren guessing about whether they'll get butterscotch or licorice as his only announcement is that the bar's still open.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo thinks there's a lot more leaking in Washington these days because you have all these guys sitting on their beds that weigh 400 lb. talking to China -- maybe it's China, I mean, it could also be Russia. But who knows?

RyanTax and TrumpTax on corporate tax rates are two different things but they both want to see the same trickle down Reaganomics garbage that keeps corporations and the super-elite at the tippy top.

Spicey sat down with Fox last night to clarify that his off-cammera, no-audio press briefings are just to keep from distracting people from Trump's propagandanewspeaksputtering sentence fragments statements and speeches.[Video]

The Florida Keys are desperately fighting to keep the 360-mile-long Florida Reef Tract alive. There's no jokes here, only sadness, but you should read this this story anyway.

Gee-whiz, somebody hacked John Kasich's website to display ISIS/ISIL/Daesh/whatever garbage. Darn it, they must have slipped through while Kasich went on another teevee show to knock TrumpCare. Oh, gosh-golly, for gracious sakes!

REXXON is finding it hard to do his job because Trump keeps cutting him off while REXXON is still trying to figure what the fuck he's supposed to do as Secretary of State. But first, a nap!

Hundreds of people, including journalists and faith leaders, are missing in Eastern Ukraine and the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights is suggesting they're either POWs being held in disease ridden black site prisons, or being extra-judicially executed by Russian-backed separatists. Hey, you guys remember when Bush 43 looked into Putin's eyes and saw his soul?

Sorry, chosen people, but your trip to the Holy Land will be strictly by the book as BiBi has decided to not to allow inter-gender prayer at the Western Wall. He must have skipped Wonder Woman.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit the White House for a "no-frills" policy meeting, and as Modi presides over contentious changes at home, people are wondering if the meeting will yield anything positive considering Trump's history of insulting world leaders, and embarrassing the United States like a fussy toddler on a tiny plane with diarrhea.

The neo-Nazis and "alt-right" assholes rallied in DC in front of the Lincoln Memorial and bitched about how people aren't letting them engage in free speech. OK.

Shakespeare companies are getting death threats from ignorant people who would undoubtedly benefit from seeing a production of Julius Caesar.

Princess Ivanka told the gang at Fox & Friends that she tries to "stay out of politics," and that she is just #blestYall to be with her daddy, who did #SomethingAmazing btw, but the whole nepotisim thing is, like, totally #NoBiggie since sometimes #ParentsJustDontUnderstand.

Trump has an interesting habit of deleting tweets and that's posing an interesting quandary for historians.

Stephen Colbert went to Russia to announce his 2020 candidacy through shots of vodka in an attempt to "cut out the middleman" from spoiling the rumors.

And here's your late night wrap-up! John Oliver talked about the need for vaccinations; and Chelsea Handler looked at the Bright Side of things

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