Trumpists Demonstrate Lack Of Rhythm/Self-Awareness With YouTube Rapping Contest

Trumpists Demonstrate Lack Of Rhythm/Self-Awareness With YouTube Rapping Contest

As you have probably noticed if you hang out here on Saturdays, one of my favorite things in the world are terrible YouTube videos in which people sing, often very poorly, about their terrible political and social views and/or conspiracy theories they believe in. They bring a certain kind of joy to my heart.

And yesterday, Donald Trump gave me a beautiful, beautiful gift by promising White House hangs to whomever he deems the winner of the #MAGACHALLENGE. What is that, you say? It is a thing started back in September when Bryson Gray, some guy on the "Liberals say I can't love Donald Trump because I'm Black BUT GUESS WHAT I DO LOVE DONALD TRUMP SO THERE!" grift, in which Trump supporters are encouraged to... rap about Donald Trump.

Now, in Gray's case, while he may not be terribly swift, he clearly has some idea of what he is doing here. The same cannot be said for other Trumpists. These videos, many of which were collected on Twitter yesterday by researcher Aric Toler, are an absolute gift. One which, I feel, explains a lot about Trump supporters in general. These people truly cannot be embarrassed. Also, if you lack the amount of self-awareness required to know that you are not at all good at rapping, what else are you not paying attention to? All of the things, probably.

Like, I love Elizabeth Warren, but if Elizabeth Warren were to ask me to do a rap for her, and then put it on YouTube for all the world to see, I would say "You know, I'm not going to do that, Elizabeth, because I cannot rap and would look very stupid attempting to do so" and then I would suggest that instead we could sing some Carole King, because Elizabeth Warren seems like a lady who probably likes Carole King a whole lot.

I would not, I assure you, do any of this.

#MAGACHALLENGE - Chris Fuller ft Bryson Gray (MAGA RAP)


They get all QAnon-y on this one too, which is adorable.



At first it seems like this guy is just listening to the other guy's song, but then he chimes in and starts doing his own thing and, uh, "the end times" are involved so it's pretty hilarious.

#MAGACHALLENGE by JimBo Sabolick/Bryson

So many treasures! I, for one, can hardly believe we're winning the culture war with all this talent here. Though to be fair, the "culture war" is a very one sided battle in which we go on about our business and Republicans shake their fists at the sky and scream about how the kids today don't appreciate Pat Boone enough and sob endlessly about baristas not wishing them a Merry Christmas.

Anyway, we're gonna call it a day, I hope you don't hate me for exposing you to all of this musical... something or another. But hey! At least we can now be grateful for small things, like the fact that we very rarely have rhythmically-challenged people trying to rap about anything or anyone we like, and also that (hopefully) no Democrat in their right mind would ever request this kind of thing. This is now your open thread!

UPDATE: Just a quick reminder to drop by Yr Wonkette tomorrow for Le Wonkette Book Club! We'll be talking about Margaret Atwood'sThe Testaments, the sequel to her 1986 The Handmaid's Tale,and it will be so much better if YOU'RE there! Yes, even if you haven't read the whole thing! -- Dok Zoom

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