What 'hate groups'? Do you have a list?

[contextly_sidebar id="rLOCPLg8v98G7zrgB0nBjERQA4ptFbMj"]David Duke, the nice former Grand Wazoo of the KKK who Donald Trump eventually decided to disavow, abjure, and wink at seductively, is all kinds of upset by secret Muslim Barack Hussein Obama's nomination of Hebrew Silver Fox Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, because if Garland is confirmed, then the Court will simply be crawling with Jews -- Harvard-educated Jews at that! On his March 17 internet "radio" program, Duke fretted about how the Jews, who already run everything, would now run everything a lot more:

Look at the Jewish control of this country. You already have three open Jewish members of the Supreme Court. Thirty-three percent. They're only two percent of the population. You can count on those Jews to do whatever the Jewish agenda is, whatever the Jewish establishment wants. In fact, they probably already have at least three-and-a-half members because Sotomayor apparently, according to a lot of sources, has a lot of what they call Sephardic Jewish ancestry, Spanish Jewish ancestry. That's a big problem among some Latino groups. And so that's maybe three-and-a-half Jews.

Three And A Half Jews was one of our favorite sitcoms, at least before that Charlie Sheeny guy went off the rails and started blathering about performing a bris on a tiger. When Br'er Duke says this is a "big problem among some Latino groups," he may mean Latinos are upset by hidden Jews in their midst, or maybe it's just another challenge for Klansmen, who aren't sure which epithet to scream while beating someone up (Get a brain, Marrano!). Also, as everyone knows, Jews all agree on the Jewish Agenda, just as no big family dinner ever disintegrates into screaming and accusations of betrayal when the Tikkun-reading niece is asked by the AIPAC-donating uncle, "So: Land for peace in Israel?"

Duke continues, worried our disloyal president has now "appointed a Jewish supremacist to be the guy on the Supreme Court, which basically gives Jews total veto over the Supreme Court." Duke doesn't quite explain what makes Garland a "Jewish supremacist" other than the fact of his being Jewish, which is certainly enough. The D.C. Court of Appeals tends not to handle a lot of Talmudic questions, so there's not much of a paper trail to go on.

The biggest problem, of course, is that in open defiance of the Constitution that exists solely in David Duke's head, members of the Supreme Court are appointed, not elected. Not that elected officials are any better, since the Jews control the elections, those sneaks:

So the Supreme Court, which is unelected, which is basically elected by political cronies, which is a Jewish-controlled establishment today, and money, and media, whoever gets the praise of the media, whoever gets the money, the media, is basically something that's really in the power -- and you don't have to have an absolute majority as we can see in elections. You can have a plurality. They've got a plurality in the United States Supreme Court.

This David Duke spends about as much time thinking about the Jews as your average fundamentalist preacher spends thinking about gay buttsex, is what we think.

David Duke isn't the only goose-stepping Trump supporter with a case of the howling fantods over the possibility of four (and a half, maybe) Jews on the Supreme Court. The Council of Conservative Citizens, modern successor to the old White Citizens Councils of the '60s, had its own little meltdown about math, noting that a Garland-including court would be even more demographically unrepresentative than it already is:

If Merrick Garland is confirmed, than [sic] the US Supreme Court would be 44.4% Jewish.

Jews make up less than 3% of the US population. The American left is constantly claiming they want institutions to reflect the diversity of the US population. They never practice what they preach.

Gosh, we feel right sorry about that. On the upside, it appears the White Citizens Councils finally support affirmative action.

Media Matters found other White Power Ranger sites with similar cases of the Heebie Jeebies. The Daily Stormer went with a headline designed to reflect the hip fresh lingo of trendy young online Nazis: "Wow, Just Wow: Obama Nominates Jew for SCOTUS -- Would Make Court 45% Jew." We checked to see if the piece featured any anime girls in Trump hats to fap to, but they apparently leave that photoshopping chore up to their readers. And white supremacist clearinghouse VDare whined that the Court, already an exclusively Jewish/Catholic enclave, would tip even more Jewy if Garland is confirmed to replace the late Catholic Antonin Scalia, who is still dead. Ah, but there is a delightful irony, according to "Patrick Cleburne" (a pseudonym swiped from an Irish American hero of the Confederacy):

It was smart of Obama to pick Judge Garland. His co-ethnics will now be rushing to force/induce the Senate to confirm him. They may well succeed.

A mildly amusing corollary is that in all his term Obama must have found it impossible to come up with a plausibly qualified Black.

Jews everywhere! At least they're smarter --or cleverer -- than The Blacks! But still, plenty cause for panic.

[contextly_sidebar id="PTSNNxNbkDTE8YgrON0TalWM04LKwFw3"]Curiously, while Donald Trump's Aryan pals (one of whom he very definitely decided to renounce, after a while) are pissing their lederhosen over the prospect of Garland on the court, we haven't found a single word Trump has said about Garland one way or the other, possibly because Merrick Garland has never mentioned Donald Trump. If Garland refuses to say anything about Trump, why should Trump bother having an opinion on him? It's not like he's a filthy Muslim, after all, and Donald is too busy preparing for his upcoming speech to AIPAC Monday, where he will explain how much he loves Israel and will almost certainly face no questions about his neo-Nazi supporters. Not even the phone bank volunteer with Nazi tattoos.

Why on earth does anyone think Trump attracts racists? We simply don't get it.

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