Trump's Backdoor Action. Gross. Wonkagenda For Mon., Nov. 20, 2017

Morning Wonketariat! We'll be on a slow schedule this week. Here's some of the things we may be talking about today.

Jared Kushner must have forgotten to turn over MORE Trump-Russia emails, this time dealing with a former Russian central banker wanting to attend an NRA convention in Louisville last May to get some "backdoor" action with Trump.

Congressional Trump-Russia investigators are interested in having a chat with senior congressional aides, including Paul Ryan's chief of staff, about the weird policy shifts in Ukraine the Trump campaign wanted during the RNC last year.

Lawyers continue to speculate about what Robert Mueller may do with Mike Flynn, so now they're looking at what he's done with Paul Manafort.

Robert Mueller and his justice league of extraordinary investigators are asking the Justice Department for a bunch of paperwork from the time Trump "You're Fired" James Comey. Really makes you wonder what he's building in there.

On Friday a federal judge heard arguments in a FOIA suit that seeks to confirm if federal investigators are using THE DOSSIER in their Trump-Russia investigations by sourcing Trump's tweets.

Way back during the Reagan revulsion, Donald Trump went to the USSR; naturally the Soviets beefed up their dossiers.

Trump's White House aides are settling in for the "long winter" as the Trump-Russia investigations continue to grow and suck up everybody in Trump's orbit.

Senate Republicans are greasing up the Trump/Ryan tax cuts (for the super rich) with buttery deals to keep the rank and file from bailing out.

A couple of Senate Republicans went to the White House to beg Trump not to kill the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act and instead to strengthen health insurance markets by adopting the Alexander-Murray plan. LOL good luck!

The EPA is delaying the implementation of the WOTUS rule for two years, an Obama-era policy that would limit pollution in wetlands, and giving only 21 days to comment on the ruling.

Recently passed legislation in the House on H1-B visas is setting off alarm bells in the IT cubicle sweatshops of Not America. The bills would give more Ameros to H1-B holders, and raise federal scrutiny, and the threshold of dependency for businesses using H1-B workers, but it could also kick their spouses out of the country.

Big tech companies are expected to be handsomely rewarded for stashing all their Ameros overseas under the Trump/Ryan tax cuts (for the super rich) as they'll get a tax break for "repatriating" their money.

Jared Kushner is waiting on his full security clearance, along with a bunch of Trump's minions who still don't have their own clearances due to a backlog of people who have no government experience (also, that he probably shouldn't have a security clearance).

The Pentagon is reporting that there were more than 6,150 non-domestic sexual assaults in the military, with nearly 400 being reported at bases in North Carolina. It's also worth noting that the Pentagon is estimating that 32 percent of service members actually report their sexual assaults, more than doubled from previous years.

Trump's White House Council of Economic Advisors is now saying that the cost of opiate abuse in 2015 was over $504 BILLION dollars, six times larger than recent estimates.

As Jeff Sessions took the podium at the Federalist society, he asked the crowd if any Russians were in the room, presumably so he could start forgetting their faces.

Before slithering off to sewers, the Federalist society updated Trump's cheat sheet on SCOTUS picks.

The ethics investigation into Interior Secretary and grifty POS Ryan Zinke has stalled on account of Zinke's stonewalling.

The Nebraska Public Service Commission is signaling that oil tycoons will still be able to drink their Canadian tar sands milkshakes via the Keystone XL pipeline

GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE! New Orleans just elected LaToya Cantrell for mayor, making her the first woman to preside over the city.

Florida men in the state house are battling a barrage of sexual harassment charges on both sides of the aisle, surprising nobody who's ever been to Florida.

Here's a lovely story of (ALLEGEDLY) drunk politicians in Florida acting exactly like you'd expect, including special guest appearance by "Montezuma's revenge."

Talks to form Germany's coalition government collapsed last night, casting doubts about the future of German Chancellor Angela Merkel (AKA the last leader of the free world).

The US military has been expanding its presence in Somalia to combat al-Shabaab and other militant groups who've pledged allegiance to ISIS/ISIL/daesh/whatever. On top of a record number of spec-ops drone strikes, AFRICOM says that most of the people on the ground are JSOC (SEALS, Green Berets, 101st Airborne, etc).

Morgan Marquis-Boire was a star in the good-guy hacker spaces, but Marquis-Boire was also drugging and anally raping women. There's no jokes here.

In the seventh layer of Internet Hell, trolls concoct bullshit stories and feed them until they can fester and spread organically, just like PizzaGate started with A Idiot on 4Chan and turned into a nutbar waving an assault rifle outside a pizza joint.

In a 3-2 vote, the FCC voted to dramatically scale back the Lifeline program, the federally subsidized Internet and phone service for poor people, fucking over 70 percent of wireless phone Lifeline consumers.

The FCC is about to roll out its plan to kill net neutrality, the idea that all internet traffic should be treated equally.

The big mouth of Morrissey struck again after he began defending pedophiles, Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein. This charming man knows so much about these things.

Now that all the rich and fabulous people of Palm Beach are shunning Mar-A-Lago, Trump's trash palace is catering to crazy "alt-right" groups to pay the bills.

The obnoxious talking head and father of a sportsballer Lavar Ball waved off Trump's collection of his kid from Chinese authorities for shoplifting; so of course Trump had to tweet and make it a thing.

Trump's aides are learning to stop worrying about the Tweeter in Chief and love the Bomb.

Charles Manson, seeing the country already had an inexplicably charismatic cult leader whose bloodthirsty followers stayed with him no matter what, departed this earthly plane.

And here's your late night wrap-up! Chelsea Handler thought about the things Donald Trump is thankful for; Bill Maher blew his load thinking about a world without Trump; SNLwants Obama to come back; Stephen Colberttaught Louie Gohmert how to troll people with charts.

And here's your morning Nice Time! Super smart clown fishies!

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