Trump's Bellyaching Over New Fox News Poll HATH BEGUNNETH!

The bellyaching has begun, it is so predictable, and also so stupid:

Oh golly, another phony poll done by the Fox News haters. Whatever will the very serious and hardworking president do? Will he stop watching Fox News forever? Will he stop taking policy direction from Tucker Carlson? Will he turn off the TV and waddle down to the Oval Office — avoiding all ramps and stairs, obviously — and do some actual work?

We love it when Trump gets mad at Fox News, because we can just sit back and watch. And of course, he's really upset about his polls right now. Put them together, and you get a recipe for an EPIC presidential temper tantrum, as the new Fox News poll shows Trump losing to Joe Biden by a margin of 50-38, AKA by 12 points.

We've just come off a news cycle where the Trump campaign sent a HI-LARIOUS lawyer letter to CNN, demanding the network say it's sorry for that poll that shows Joe Biden beating the shit out of Trump by 14 points. They are gonna SUE! This after Trump hired probably the worst pollster in the whole United States, John McLaughlin, to "unskew" that poll for him and make him stop crying.

Oh yeah, and the conpsiracy theory idiots at One America News Network (OANN) were going to release a poll to make Trump feel better, up until they had to pull it because even the OANN poll failed to make Trump much more popular than a sack of dogshit on the side of the freeway at high noon on a hot day.

Hey Trump, gonna send Fox News a HI-LARIOUS lawyer letter now? Gonna threaten to SUE? Whatcha gonna do!

Of course, one thing you might notice about the Fox poll and the CNN poll is that Trump losing by 12 isn't that different from Trump losing by 14. When that CNN poll came out, it seemed like maybe it was an outlier. But look at the Real Clear Politics national polling average, and all the most recent polls:

The average of recent credible polls has Biden beating the shit out of Trump by 8.8 points, with Biden taking an average of 50.1 percent of voters. (It's significant that Biden is hitting a full 50 in polling. If all the allegedly undecideds broke for Trump — not likely — he'd still lose the popular vote.) Monmouth has Trump down by 11, CNBC has him down by 10, Quinnipiac by 8, and now Fox by 12. CNN might still be the biggest gap, 14 points, but it's not out in la-la land like Trump's boy John McLaughlin missing the Eric Cantor/Dave Brat race by 40 FUCKING POINTS.

So we can see why Trump is raging today. And why he's telling Politico that the "biggest risk" to his reelection is that he loses lawsuits and is unable to do all the voter suppression he knows he has to do if he has any prayer of squeaking out another loser of a "win" like he did in 2016.

Of course, because it is [name literally any day], Trump appears to be taking the morning off from what little work he ever does, and he's bellyaching about all the things:

Fake ad! He loves the seniors! (There is no China deal.)

Cool, threatening protesters the weekend of Juneteenth. What, Trump, you in the mood to incite some kind of Tulsa race massacre or something? Is that it?

And of course, he's bellyaching about the terrible horrible no good very bad Supreme Court, which just keeps ruling against him this week:

Trump really hopes the Supreme Court would stand for the flag, and says the DACA thing is the Democrats' fault. Got it.

Here's to another day of presidenting, Donald! May it be just as successful as all your other presidenting days!

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