Trump's Favorite Reporter Starting Own White House Correspondents Ass'n, Will OBVIOUSLY Usurp The Real One


Chanel Rion, One America News correspondent, maker of her fiancé Courtland Sykes's nightly dinner, and author of a non-existent series of mystery novels for "traditional girls," is going to start her very own "invitation only" White House correspondents organization.

Rion announced today that she started this organization, the National White House Correspondents Association, in opposition to the regular White House Correspondents Association, which she claims is packed full of socialists who discriminate against and "bully" conservatives. It is a well-known fact that any adult who talks about being "bullied" is usually the aggressor themselves, and traditionally, the bullying they decry involves being reasonably criticized. In Chanel Rion's case, however, it involves other people who very rudely did not want to get sick with COVID-19.

Via OAN:

Chanel Rion, Chief White House Correspondent for One America News Network (OAN), announced today, the formal launch of the National White House Correspondents Association (NWHCA). Rion's newly formed correspondents' organization has begun accepting applications by invitation only.

NWHCA's first phase mission aims to accomplish the following: – Bring more balance and diverse questions in the White House briefing room – Foster meaningful discussion and debate at the White House – Restore free and open press coverage in the briefing room and coverage of the White House.

The NWHCA seeks to restore balance and diversity of viewpoints in White House news coverage. The American public is served best when all voices are heard and the President's message is unfiltered. According to Rion the WHCA has maneuvered almost all balance and diversity out of the White House correspondents' pool and briefing room demonstrating daily that they consider America's free press the exclusive property of the "progressive" reformers of Washington. This is not representative of a free and balanced press.

NWHCA's presence at the White House will create a healthier atmosphere for our nation. Our republic thrives best when all viewpoints are considered and discussed.

You will of course note that it would be very unlikely for anyone at Wonkette or any other left-leaning site to get an invitation from Ms. Rion, as the goal is not actually "diversity" or for all viewpoints to be discussed, but rather for the Overton Window to shift right and for bigoted, sexist, and conspiracy-minded ideas to be accepted as very normal things to say. "Viewpoint diversity" has become a buzzword on the far Right to make it seem as though normalization and acceptance of these ideas is as valid a goal as actual diversity. They do not actually want a diverse number of views. They're not going to listen to people on the far Left, they're not going to listen to people like me, to socialists, to anarchists, to communists, etc. They simply want to be able to present their bizarre ideas without criticism. They want everyone else's ideas and criticisms to be verboten.

The press release goes on to explain that Rion came up with the idea after the actual White House Correspondents Association voted to expel her, even though she wasn't a member. That is not actually what happened! They voted to take OAN off the list of media outlets welcome in the press room after Rion refused to adhere to social distancing rules. It had nothing to do with her questions (though they were very stupid), it had to do with her behavior. It had nothing to do, as she suggested, with journalists having "long socialist agendas." People just didn't want to get sick. That is all.

Though to be fair, in America, "not wanting to die of a preventable illness" is kind of akin to walking around carrying a copy of the Communist Manifesto.

Rion founded the NWHCA on her own initiative in Delaware, April 2020, after her experience with the White House Correspondents' Association (WHCA) included their vote to expel Rion from the WHCA— a club of which she had never even been a member.

Moving forward, Rion's NWHCA is seeking shared control of the White House briefing room and all other delegated press functions with the 117-year-old WHCA in order to restore balance to White House reporting which at present, largely amounts to a confederation of journalists with long socialist agendas and deep links to the Democrat Party.

Call me crazy, but I feel like if there really were a confederation of journalists with "long socialist agendas," the narrative on MSNBC and CNN would not have been that Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders were terrifying. Please.

Personally, I am very curious about who else will be invited to join this special club. Surely Gateway Pundit, which is already allowed a presence at White House press briefings, but probably also Infowars and the Daily Stormer and a bunch of conspiracy wackadoos with YouTube channels who consider themselves "citizen journalists." It should be quite a crop.

While Rion has been allowed in to press briefings personally by Trump's press team (though she is not allowed to sit with the actual press corps on account of the fact that she does not want to follow social distancing guidelines), it is unlikely that this will continue after Donald Trump is no longer president. It is even more unlikely that her organization — of which she is currently the only member — will be given equal standing to the WHCA, if Trump is no longer president. But there's no telling what can happen before January, after all.



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