Trump's Manic Saturday Morning Retweet Storms Fast Becoming A Dreaded Institution

Trump's Manic Saturday Morning Retweet Storms Fast Becoming A Dreaded Institution

Last Saturday morning we all had the pleasure of waking up to the President of the United States retweeting a bunch of professional bigots complaining that Twitter was being mean to them and other professional bigots. That was weird, though not as weird as it would have been if anyone else were the President of the United States.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, he appears to think this went really well for him. Thus, he woke up and did the same thing early this morning, but without any kind of particular running theme. Some of the tweets were about Russia, some of them were about the same "Twitter is mean to bigots and that's not fair!" jag he was on last week, some were about abortion, one was a random year-old tweet from his large adult son.

He does not appear to be well.

This is from over a year ago.


There are, again, multiple places on the internet where people can say whatever they want. Gab, 4chan, Voat, etc. If that is what these people want, they are free to go to those places. Alas, no one wants to go to those places because they are gross Nazi cesspools. If Twitter was not moderated, it would turn into a gross Nazi cesspool and no one would want to be there anymore, including Laura Loomer, whom I have noticed has not made much use of her Gab profile. Because it's gross and terrible there.

Aw! They were BULLIED? Well, maybe they should stay the hell away from Planned Parenthood.

Again for those in the back, most drugs come through legal ports of entry. The stupid wall will not do anything to stop that.

These are not even all of them. It's not even half of them. Like dude just woke up this morning and started retweeting like a maniac. It's sort of sad that there is no one in his life that cares to check in on him and make sure he is OK. Or it would be, if he were not a monster. I know for a fact that if I appeared to be having some kind of episode on Twitter, someone I know would be like "Hey Robyn, are you OK? Maybe you should step away from the computer for a bit. Drink some water! Take an Ativan!," and for that I am grateful.

In fact, instead of focusing on how obnoxious all of these retweets are and how they are clearly a sign of some kind of mental instability, we should all take a moment and be grateful that if we were having a very public breakdown, someone would care enough about us to stop us before we continued.

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