Trust No One

Flying saucer rock 'n roll - WonketteCurt Weldon's usual Russian scam was to get a Pentagon contract for some old Soviet company. Then the company would pay his daughter a half-million bucks for "consulting." But Crazy Curt's weird fixations make even such a simple con sort of entertaining, because one of his Russian deals was for a flying saucer.

The Russians claimed their 12-ton flying saucer actually made it to the sky some 20 years ago. Weldon apparently heard about the thing and went nuts for it. He got a Navy contract for the boys at Saratov, Saratov "retained Karen Weldon's services," and everybody was happy ... until the left-wing loonballs over at Alberto Gonzalez' Justice Department directed their shrill Bush hatred at Weldon.

The Very Proactive Congressman [Harper's]

Flying Saucer May Yet Take Flight [Wired]


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