TSA Bravely Fighting the War on Terror...at the Bar

ilnes.jpgThe TSA is busy doing much of nothing these days. Last week, they warned us about this crazy new device called a shoe bomb and modified their profiling of people with turbans. What's next, will they reintroduce Clear, that program where you paid the TSA $100 a year to speed you through airport security? Whatever happened to that shitty idea? That really took off, didn't it? Anyway, we'd to take a moment and congratulate these hardworking men and women on the front lines who build snaking lines with on-the-job training of troglodytes, police academy dropouts and lazy thugs. And a special big thanks to Maine's Portland International Airport, ("The Preferred Airport for Terrorists!") where we noticed a number of TSA agents hanging out at the bar. It's true, we are winning the war on terror.

TSA Issues New Warning About Shoe Bombs" [CBS]

Sikhs welcome TSA turban rule change [World Sikh News]


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