TSA Detains Man for Anti-American T-Shirt

It says Did you know that wearing a t-shirt with arabic writing to an airport is the equivalent of a ""person wearing a t-shirt at a bank stating, 'I am a robber'"? No? Then you clearly don't work with the TSA, who barred Reed Jarrar over there from boarding his flight at JFK because his shirt had terrifying non-Roman characters on it.

The shirt did also have English characters under the Arabic script (it says "We will not be silent" -- no, but you certainly will be delayed), but that could easily be a terrorist trick, trying to convince gullible American infidels that the shirt doesn't actually say "If you can read this I am going to run this airplane into the Kennedy Center."

The ACLU has taken Jarrar's case and they encourage passengers across the nation to show up at airports in t-shirts with big cartoon bombs on them or that say "Big Johnson Says You Can Tell a Lot About a Man by the Size of His Shoe Bomb" because frankly donations have been way up over the last couple years.

Lawsuit of the Day: Jarrar v. Harris [ATL]


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