TSA Now Testing Radiation Levels of TSA Airport Security Workers


How safe are those "backskatter" radiation machines, again? Completely safe, of course! But the Department of Homeland Security is just going to do a little check-and-see, just in case thousands and thousands of TSA airport security workers are about to be diagnosed with terrible cancers that will result, we assume, in the biggest lawsuit in history.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

After years of rebuffing health concerns over airport scanners, the Transportation Security Administration plans to conduct new tests on the potential radiation exposure from the machines at more than 100 airports nationwide.

But the TSA does not plan to retest the machines or passengers. Instead, the agency plans to test its airport security officers to see if they are being exposed to dangerous levels of radiation while working with the scanners.

So did the TSA actually admit this? Of course not. Watchdogs noticed that the agency had solicited government contractors for a massive supply of portable dosimeters that employees would wear to measure how much ionizing radiation they were being bombarded by, every work day, while operating or just standing near those deadly backskatter porno-scanners. [Los Angeles Times via Cryptogon]


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