Tsunami Relief and the Homosexual Agenda

The Westboro Baptist Church, that citadel of of Christianity and homophobia, has put out a press release proclaiming, "Thank God for Tsunami & 2,000 Dead Swedes!!" The celebratory attitude stems from a, well, unorthodox interpretation of "Why does God let bad things happen?":

How many tsunami-dead Swedes are fags and dykes? vacationing on their fat expendable incomes without kids to bother and spend money on.
We don't have hard numbers on how many of those who perished were playing for what team, but we thank the Westboro Baptist Church for calling attention to the tremendous loss in the pervert community. We were going to encourage readers to donate money to relief efforts (Or "send cash," as the president put it), but now we're thinking we need to do more than recruit funds. We need to recruit more ass-fuckers. Give until it hurts, people. Give until it hurts... in the ass.

The Rainbow World Fund is the official Wonkette Tsunami Tragedy Relief Organization. RWF is realizes that "Much of the world still sees GLBT people as only caring about sex, drugs, and Madonna. We care about a lot more than that." (Though please don't try and re-sell their copy of The Immaculate Collection.) Click here to give, specify "Asia Response".

Westboro Tsunami Statement [Raw Story]

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