How Much Does Tucker Love Putin? Here Are Some Receipts.

Tucker Carlson is appalled and confused and does not know why you are always saying he loves Vladimir Putin so much. Hasn't he said at least twice since Russia started an unprovoked war on Ukraine and started killing civilians that actually he doesn't like Putin?

Last night Tucker whined about what an "awful thing" it is that people keep calling him some kind of Putin lover. So those lovable so-and-sos over at the Meidas Touch website put together all the clips Acyn Torabi from Media Matters has grabbed over the past few months of Tucker calling Putin daddy.

Tucker spent the months leading up to the Russian invasion of Ukraine telling the same four or five lies about Ukraine, because nobody ever accused him of being a creative boy. He's been saying Ukraine isn't a real democracy, and that it's a "client state of the United States State Department." He's been saying he's "totally confused" why we would support Ukraine instead of Russia. He's been petulantly protesting that "BY THE WAY, I AM!" rooting for Russia. (Later in that same show, he said he was "joking" when he said that. You know that old joke: Why did the chicken cross the road? My name is Tucker Carlson and I'm a literal actual traitor for Russia WOCKA WOCKA!)

Literally before the bombs started dropping, Tucker felt it was important to do a segment telling Americans to ask themselves why they hate Vladimir Putin so much, reminding them that Putin never called them racist or tried to do cancel cultures to them.

And that clip has it all. Tucker asking why we should "side with Ukraine over Russia" and saying Russia is a "much more significant country by every measure." Tucker asking why it's "disloyal to side with Russia, but loyal to side with Ukraine." Tucker asking why we wouldn't be on Russia's side. Tucker saying he's opposed to sanctions against Russia, and that we should take Russia's side if we have to choose between Russia and Ukraine. And of course Tucker's Putin-fellating mouth orgy from the other night, his paean to "Putin Never Called Me Racist," which we just mentioned.

Kudos to Meidas Touch for putting it together, and to Acyn for doing the painstaking work of culling the raw material. Tucker, as you may have heard, has been a veritable star on Russian TV lately, and especially in the days leading up to this invasion. In the words of The Intercept, Russian state TV has been "[using] Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard to sell Putin's war." Maybe that somehow, either directly or indirectly, factored into why Tucker is suddenly trying desperately to do an about-face.

As we speak, a gigantic Russian convoy is outside Kyiv, inching closer and closer and engendering fears that Putin, frustrated that on day six he still hasn't taken a major Ukrainian city, is about to really ratchet it up. Early this morning, Russian forces hit dead in the center of the Russian-speaking Kharkiv in the east, the second largest city in the country. You know, that's part of the area that was supposed to embrace Putin's forces with open arms.

The Wall Street Journalreports that "Moscow, frustrated in its plans for a quick victory, [has] switched to a new strategy of pummeling civilian areas in an attempt to demoralize Ukrainian resistance."

That's just a tiny snapshot, but this is reality. And whatever goodwill is out there for Vladimir Putin and what he's doing to innocent Ukrainians right now, Tucker was part of making that happen.

He gets to own that.

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