Tucker and CNN: Please Continue Hurting America

TV Newser is reporting that Tucker Carlson is moving from CNN to MSNBC, but we hear otherwise: A Wonkette operative tells us that it's not a done deal just yet, and that it may amount to more of a negotiating tactic than anything else. Either way, it's a good sign for the bow-tied quipster: Word around DC has long been that Tucker is less than thrilled with the verbal feces-throwing he's relegated to CNN -- playing a kind of parody of the smarmy frat boy conservative that really should be the sole purview of Jonah Goldberg -- and that he's only stayed there to support his tremendous coke habit. Or his family. One of those. We wish him well, and would totally do him. His show. One of those.

Exclusive: MSNBC's Talking To Tucker: CNN's Carlson Set To Sign Deal & Replace Norville At 9pm [TV Newser]


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