This Vaccine Disinfo Is Wildly Disgusting, Even For Tucker And Charlie Kirk

Once upon a time, the CEO of a large health insurance company called OneAmerica told folks some startling numbers about the current death rate in America among those aged 18 to 64. Of his company's customers, J. Scott Davison said, "Death rates are up 40 percent over what they were pre-pandemic,” and that it's the same across the industry. He said, “We’re seeing right now the highest death rates we’ve ever seen in the history of this business."

According to CDC estimates, there have been almost a million "excess deaths" in America since February 1, 2020, and Davison is careful to explain that just because a person's death certificate doesn't say "COVID" doesn't mean the virus didn't contribute to that horrifying number:

For example, Davison said a person can contract COVID-19 and recover, but the virus could have triggered a separate illness that eventually leads to death.

“It may not all be Covid on their death certificates, but deaths are up in just huge, huge numbers,” Davidson said.

And also:

Davison says OneAmerica expects to pay out more than $100 million in short- and long-term disability claims due to the pandemic.

“Whether it’s long COVID or whether it’s because people haven’t been able to get the health care they need because the hospitals are overrun, we’re seeing those claims start to tick up as well,” he said.

Did you read the part where Davison suggested COVID vaccines are killing these people, or expressed confusion over why they were dying? If you missed that, don't worry, he didn't say it.

But if you're Tucker Carlson or Charlie Kirk, you for some reason have decided it's best to lie to your white supremacist followers about COVID, so you are telling people Davison said the literal opposite of what he said.

This segment starts with Tucker saying everybody should be very worried because more and more Americans are dying younger, and alerts his viewers to Scott Davison's comments. Or rather, some of them. He tells them about the 40 percent uptick in deaths and how bigwigs in the life insurance biz are SHOCKED.

TUCKER: So the question: What's causing this?

As if Scott Davison had left it open to interpretation.

TUCKER: It's clear our leaders don't think COVID is to blame.

They do, and Scott Davison does.

TUCKER: Here's Stacey Abrams maskless in front of a room full of masked children, and she has at least one very obvious comorbidity.

Stop the presses, a racist white man with well-documented masculinity issues called a Black woman fat.

TUCKER: Here's Barack Obama maskless in the face of his masked servants as they build his latest mansion in Hawai'i.

Jesus Christ, Tucker's just doing show-and-tell with pictures of people who make him feel like a tiny, sad, lonely little boy. (Obama was outside in the maskless picture, of course. The "masked servants" were construction workers. And the racist dogwhistle Tucker's blowing here is not really a dogwhistle, since it's SO LOUD.)

Anyway, Tucker's bit here was that he's confused why all these Americans are dying, so he brought on Charlie Kirk, who brought Davison's comments to his attention, so they could lie about them together.

TUCKER: What is this!

CHARLIE KIRK: We don't know!


KIRK: One business that actually tells the truth regarding the death of Americans is life insurance.

And when they do, Charlie Kirk will be there to say they said the opposite of what they said!

KIRK: They have to get this right. They have entire teams of actuaries that study this data all day long. It's not the public health authorities that are warning this, it is a single CEO of a major life insurance company that says, "Hey, by the way, there's a 40 percent increase in deaths." Ten percent, he said, would be a once-in-200-year-catastrophe. We have a 40 percent increase in death, and it's not because of COVID.

Davison didn't say that last part. Wonder if Davison is discussing this with lawyers, because it would seem like accusing the CEO of a health insurance company of spreading Tucker-grade vaccine disinformation might be actionable.

KIRK: And we deserve answers. What is so amazing, Tucker, is that we've known this information and this data for a couple of weeks now. Where are the politicians? Where are the leaders? Where are the people we put in charge to actually care about the well-being of our people?

Charlie and Tucker so mad they have to make up the lies all by themselves. Where are the politicians? Where are the leaders? How did nobody else see this CEO's words and decide to make up lies about them?

KIRK: Well, at least we know how many times Joe Rogan used a bad word in a podcast the last 10 years. I guess we're getting our pronouns right for our six-year-olds ...

It's always about white supremacy and masculine insecurity. Always always always.

KIRK: But we have a 40 percent increase in death amongst the supposed healthiest portion of the American population. This is a catastrophe. We deserve answers, and some would conjecture, hey, does this have something to do with the fact that we might have done a mass inoculation strategy?

Kirk added that there have been deaths of "alienation, suicide and otherwise," but just let his question hang there about whether we should Just Ask Questions about whether everybody is dying of a "mass inoculation strategy," AKA the COVID vaccine. Some would conjecture it, he says! Therefore it must be valid.

Of course, nobody with a working brain would conjecture that, especially since the CEO at no point remotely suggested it had anything to do with the lifesaving vaccines. He attributed it to COVID, long COVID, conditions caused by COVID, and people who couldn't get the healthcare they needed because hospitals were overrun with COVID patients.

There are so many things about this we don't understand. Tucker has been suggesting vaccines just might kill your Nana for almost a year now. Did Tucker get a missive from his real father Vladimir Putin with instructions to help kill and/or weaken half the American population? And if so, why is he focusing on old white boomers?

What, isn't that how you Just Ask Questions?

And as for Charlie Kirk, why did a mean witch put a curse on his face to make it look like a funhouse mirror image? What quest does he have to complete to look like a regular man again?

But seriously, though, what is their endgame here? Have the people pulling their strings done the equations and decided that fomenting this kind of authoritarian Kremlin-style distrust in the existence of a verifiable reality is worth however many dead bodies pile up as a direct result of those people listening to Tucker Carlson and Charlie Kirk?

We guess the math just works for them.

[The Hill / WFYI Indianapolis / Media Matters]

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