Time For Another Episode Of 'Regular Normal Conversations,' With Tucker Carlson And Glenn Greenwald!

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Time For Another Episode Of 'Regular Normal Conversations,' With Tucker Carlson And Glenn Greenwald!

You probably think the appropriate question about this clip of Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald talking on Tucker's "If Little House On The Prairie Was A Gay Porn" daytime set is "why?" But you are wrong, the question is "why not?"

We really do not know what is happening here or why these two guys think this is a normal talk, but we're just going to describe it for you and you can see what you think.

Glenn says "everybody knows" that people who actually send death threats online are probably not actually going to come kill you. That's probably correct.

Tucker giggles in his soprano register because Glenn is very funny.

Glenn says "watching pornography is an outlet and alleviates the desire to go rape," like that is a perfectly normal thing to say. He says "when you give people a channel to express themselves" — you know, by sending death threats online or watching porn — then they just won't go off killing and raping. This is why before the internet existed, all people were murderers and rapists.

Glenn says that QAnon is a "protest movement" that's about "upsetting elites." This is true because as we all know, elites get very upset when friendless losers on the internet believe Donald Trump is running a secret crime-fighting superhero outfit with the resurrected John F. Kennedy Jr. to fight child trafficking. Elites are like "UGH! I'M UPSET!"

Glenn says when you tell these people "they can no longer use the internet to gather with like-minded people and exchange grievances and organize, what do you THINK is going to happen?"

Tucker says "Well exactly!"

Glenn says this is what happened on January 6, that people were thinking "we don't really have the democratic process or the basic civil liberties that we were taught as children, we can expect by being in the United States, and so gathering together and protesting and storming things is the only thing we have left."

Tucker says "Well yeah! Because they took away the pressure release valves!" You know, the venue for sending journalists death threats and the masturbation internet time.

Now if you are wondering when every Big-Lie-believing QAnon brain wizard lost their internet access, or what in the hell Glenn is talking about when he suggests these people have lost "democratic process" or "basic civil liberties," please remember that these men are not like the rest of us and who knows, maybe they just hallucinate all the time, like housecats, oh well fuck it.

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