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Tucker Carlson is shocked and appalled by the dangerous behavior of politically biased media figures who will stop at nothing to demonize their enemies. He's also shocked and appalled by hypocrisy, which we can only assume means he's misplaced his mirror once again. Last night, he took to the telescreen to whip up his viewers into a frenzy of fear, warning that mobs of mindless liberals who take their marching orders from people on TV are coming to destroy all that is good and holy about America. Then he said Democrats, from activists to US senators, were no different from the Hutus who murdered their Tutsi neighbors in Rwanda. So, a typical Tucker Carlson Monday night.

Carlson showed a clip of last night's fake swearing-in for Kavanaugh (who was actually sworn in on Saturday), and let stand with no comment at all Donald Trump's lie that Kavanaugh had been "proven innocent." Then he explained what "the activist Left" learned from the process:

The Supreme Court is a sham, the Constitution is meaningless, the Electoral College must go, only a country divided into warring tribes can be ruled, effectively -- and if they can't control it, let's burn it down. That's the message they've internalized.

Carlson then showed protestors pounding on the doors of the Supreme Court, warning his viewers that what they were about to see was not from a zombie movie, ha! ha! Decrying the "children of affluence" who protested against Kavanaugh (how did he know? Duh, all Democrats are rich elitists!), Carlson then said those who opposed Kavanaugh were obviously coordinated by some vast central organization, which is pretty rich coming from a Fox News host, huh? He corrected an old conservative mantra, explaining there's no such thing as the liberal media anymore, because "liberals" at least believe in free speech. Nope,

These are Party people. They are hacks, and joiners, and drones. They read the latest pronouncement from the Central Committee like scripture. They repeat whatever they are told. They are robots.

He never said "George Soros," because he didn't need to.

What really pisses Tucker off, though, is that these robots have now been programmed to point out that the Kavanaugh confirmation was pushed through by representatives of a minority of the population, on behalf of a president elected by the minority of the voters, and don't those robots have any respect for the CONSTITUTION and OUR REPUBLIC? He was astonished that these monsters no longer respect the rights of the minority, at least when it's a minority that has cemented itself in political domination of all three branches of government. Why, Hillary Clinton even wants to strip small states of their political power because they "don't agree with the majority of rich kids in Brooklyn."

Nice to see Tucker condemning rich folks making all the rules, huh? Can't wait for him to condemn the Republican tax cuts. He's horrified people have noticed the Electoral College is unbalanced, and by God, what is happening to our beautiful constitutional guarantee of small-state dominance? It's just not fair!

In the past few days many have been saying the Senate itself should be changed, with different states having a different number of senators. All of a sudden everybody on the left seems to be saying things like this. Including supposedly unbiased reporters. Shut up, Wyoming, nobody cares what you think. That's the new message from the party that pretends to care about the powerless. But then the left has never been big on self-awareness.

Won't someone please speak up for the numerical minority that wants to keep a stranglehold on power? Help! Help!

After a bit of whining about Tom Steyer, another evil billionaire (for the moment, billionaires are bad), Tucker Carlson got to the big reveal: These leftist robot zombies are using the controlled media to call on their drone zombie hordes to do white genocide!

What's actually happening, says Tom Steyer, is that Kavanaugh was installed by a specific racial group in order to hurt and disempower every other racial group in America. This is tribal warfare posing as democracy and your tribe is losing. That's what Tom Steyer is telling you. Now as a factual matter this is insane. It's the kind of lunacy that would have gotten you booted off a cable channel five years ago. It's also a lie and it's dangerous.

Mind you, if you're simply a commonsense fellow who wonders why anyone thinks diversity is good and warns that brown people are "hacking" the population by breeding faster than white people, you get a prime-time cable channel slot and you're encouraged to say more of it. But just in case Fox viewers don't understand their very lives are in danger from The Left, Carlson takes it up a notch:

It's exactly the kind of things that Hutu leaders in Rwanda were saying in the early 1990s. Responsible people do not talk like this. And yet suddenly it is everywhere on the left. And not just the professional wackos pounding on the front door of Supreme Court. The line between dangerous extremist and US senator is blurring on the left.

Clearly, the raging hootoos are coming to get you. Get your guns. Be ready! Also, the Leftist Media are calling Trump voters Nazis, and don't they know that REAL AMERICANS fought Nazis? Nazis are very bad! (Also, has he told you about the Gypsies?)

It sure is nice to see Tucker Carlson will not stand idly by and let a mindless mob of tribal zombie drone robots dehumanize decent white people with unhinged propaganda, isn't it?

[Media Matters / Fox News on YouTube]

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