Tucker Carlson: It’s Dumb To Worry About Racism Right Now When Terrible Non-White Country Gave Us All Corona

Tucker Carlson: It’s Dumb To Worry About Racism Right Now When Terrible Non-White Country Gave Us All Corona

Blaming China exclusively for the coronavirus outbreak while ignoring the mistakes America made as the virus spread completely unchecked within our borders seems right up your average white supremacist's alley. Last night, Tucker Carlson claimed Joe Biden was a longtime supporter of China, a nation that has screwed America consistently, according to Carlson's unique interpretation of history.

CARLSON: In 2000, for example, the US Trade Relations Act gave China normal trade status. What does that mean? In her book, “China RX," Rosemary Gibson, who we've had on the show, detailed how that legislation opened the floodgates for Chinese drug imports. Within three years of the bill passing, America lost its last aspirin factory, its last vitamin C facility, its last penicillin plant. Our ability to make critical antibiotics in this country vanished and that was a serious blow to our national security. And yet, Joe Biden voted for that bill. He went on to oppose amendments to it that would've put pressure on China to release political prisoners and stop forced abortions. Eleven years later, Biden still didn't see the threat. He appeared to welcome it. That year he said, “A rising China is a positive development, not only for China but for America." The day that Biden gave that speech, Americans had already lost their job — they'd been shipped overseas to China. Chinese students were already flooding America's schools and research labs, crowding out Americans, stealing the data and information that in the end would boost the Chinese economy to where it stands today, greater than ours.

Carlson thinks Biden loves China so much, he should marry the country and call it Dr. China. I suppose that's the new line of attack against the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, who Carlson also derided as a doddering old man. Carlson took special exception with Biden for calling out Donald Trump's “hysterical xenophobia" in lieu of “science" during the early days of the coronavirus crisis, 100 years ago in February. Carlson mockingly repeated the word “xenophobia!" as though he couldn't believe Biden would care about something so trivial when China had launched a COVID-19 missile at us.

CARLSON: “Xenophobia!" Seems almost “antique." Why? Because in a moment like this, in a moment of national crisis, irrelevant issues tend to recede. You've probably heard a lot less recently about how America is “racist" and how we need reparations for slavery or non-binary signs in every public men's room stall. It all seems insultingly frivolous now.

If you could say one good thing about the coronavirus, it's that it's not Tucker Carlson, and if Tucker Carlson were to say one good thing about the disease that's ravaged the nation, it's that it's forced us to realize what's truly unimportant. Conveniently, these are all issues that Carlson has long claimed don't matter.

No one is discussing signage in public bathrooms because there's no such thing right now. No one's going out in public. We'll all pop open bottles of champagne when people are free again to take dumps on gross toilet seats.

Carlson's wrong, of course, about no one discussing America's racism anymore. Dr. Anthony Fauci just this week lamented the “unacceptable" racial disparities in coronavirus cases.

FAUCI: And the reason I want to bring it up, because I couldn't help sitting there reflecting on how sometimes when you're in the middle of a crisis, like we are now with the coronavirus, it really does have, ultimately, shine a very bright light on some of the real weaknesses and foibles in our society.

Dr. Fauci believes a national crisis is the exact time to reflect on racism in America and how it impacts public health. “Health Justice For Black Communities" was a major part of Kamala Harris's campaign, as well. It's only unfortunate that we didn't address the issues sooner. However, nothing is sooner than “now."

What's “insultingly frivolous" is Tucker Carlson's racial scapegoating. There's already a rise in violence directed specifically at people of apparent Asian descent, and it's more than just calling coronavirus the “kung-flu." Jeni Erbes-Chan, an architect in New York, describes leaving her office for the last time on March 10 when a racist dolt screamed at her on the subway.

From PBS:

"A man sort of lurched at me and shouted, 'You people brought the virus. Go back to China.' I was a little in shock," Erbes-Chan said. "I just put my head down and tried not to make any eye contact after that."

"You just bury your head and you move forward because no matter how hard you work, how successful you are, what friends you make, you just don't belong," she said. "You will always be looked at as foreign."

People have been “spit on" and physically attacked, as well. It's tragic that some Americans fail to realize that the coronavirus is not something one nation or ethnicity has inflicted upon others. It's shared suffering.

And some people are doing their best not to make it better, but worse.

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