Tucker Not Asking If Kamala Harris Is Real January 6 Pipe Bomber, YOU ARE!

Who's ready for Tucker Carlson's newest false flag shit about January 6?

We say "false flag shit" because the Daily Beast is so fed up with Tucker's false flag shit they literally put "false flag shit" in their headline. At this point, losers who stayed locked in their rooms in 2001-2002 masturbating and posting on internet forums about planned World Trade Center demolitions look like healthy, contributing members of society.

Tucker's new thing is that somebody should really ask some questions about how Vice President Kamala Harris might be connected to the planting of pipe bombs in DC on January 6. Oh, he's not accusing her of anything, mind you. He's just saying words and helping you connect the dots, assuming your brain has the kind of syphilis that renders it susceptible to Tucker Carlson's power of suggestion.

Tucker begins by saying we know lots about January 6, but we don't know where Kamala Harris was at 1 p.m. that day. He said we always thought we knew she was in the Capitol, because the Department of Justice had said she was. But then, "out of nowhere, last November," Tucker says we found out she was "somewhere else." But where?

She was at the DNC!

Isn't that weird? Tucker would just like to know if that is weird. Because that's one of the places pipe bombs were planted in DC the night before. CNN reported that Harris came very close to that bomb! Her security detail found it!

Why hasn't Kamala Harris told us about all the bombs! Tucker needs to know why! Why why why why why!

Tucker said, "This is a person who puts herself at the center of every story, who invents stories in order to put herself at the center!" That's right, that's what he thinks she does. But she never said she was near that bomb! This, Tucker said, would have been the "perfect moment" to say she "came within mere feet of a racist insurrectionist bomb."

But nooooooo. "In fact she continued to hide that fact! It's completely bizarre!"

Tucker would like to know what has happened to the investigation into who planted the pipe bombs in the first place. (So would we, but in a non-batshit way.) In fact, he asked some questions that might read as reasonable if they weren't coming out of his mouth.

"But this person hasn't been caught." Why? Tucker wants to know why! Why why why why why!

Is it because Kamala Harris is the real pipe bomber? Tucker is just asking questions why does everybody attack him for just asking questions! Also Tucker is not literally asking that question he's just asking other questions! Tucker is not asking that question you are asking that question!

"What's strange is that of all the places in the world Kamala Harris could have gone at 11:30 a.m. on January 6, she went to the DNC building, where her bodyguards promptly discovered the pipe bomb. So if the bomb was planted by a Trump supporter as a diversion, as the Capitol Police have said, you've got to wonder how exactly that worked. Would a Trump supporter have known where Harris was going to be that morning? Probably not. Even her political allies didn't know for some reason. Yet it's fair to assume that if Kamala Harris hadn't gone to the DNC when she went, the pipe bomb wouldn't have been discovered just minutes before the insurrectionist breach at the Capitol. In other words, if Kamala Harris hadn't been there, the bomb couldn't have been the diversion the Capitol Police said it was!"

Is there a family of squirrels fucking inside Tucker's brain?

Now we are the ones just asking questions.

Also we really are interested in this notion that nobody would have discovered the pipe bomb were it not for Harris's security people. Was there some sort of invisibility cloak situation?

Look, point is, Tucker has a lot of questions. And one of them is who is running this investigation at the FBI. "We'd hate to think that person was in any way connected to the fraudulent Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot that the FBI helped set up right before the 2020 election." What, you didn't know the Gretchen Whitmer thing was a false flag too? That is something the family of squirrels fucking inside Tucker's brain may believe, apparently, allegedly!

Here are some videos of the segment in question. We don't know what else to say beyond what Andrew Lawrence from Media Matters says in these tweets, so this is the end of this blog post.

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